Chapter 8

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“Hey!” I called out to Ayisha when I walked into the footlocker I was meeting her at.

“Wassup.” We hugged and she let out a sigh.

“Jesus Christ. What’s going on now?”

“He’s talking to that bitch again.”

“What bitch?”

“You know that girl my cousin hang around with. She goes to school with you.”

“Natasha? I thought they were done with each other.”

“No I saw him with her yesterday. This little bitch is irking my nerves. She’s in my way and I’m not feelin’ that shit.”

“Your cousin is in my way. I haven’t seen or talked to Breezy since she been fucking with him. The fuck is up with that.”

“This is not fucking acceptable. What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know but something has to be done. I’ll be damned if I let that nigga just go especially with what the fuck I went through with his ass. Who the fuck was there when he was locked up? Who let that nigga stay with them when his baby mother kicked him out? Me, I was there and he think he’s about to just drop me? Hell no I’m not having it.”

To say I was pissed about this nigga dodging me like I was child support would be an understatement. I been dealing with him for two years and he doesn’t even want to claim me but he can sport this little bitch around. No, that’s not alright.

“I feel you. You already know the story with me and Ty. So why he’s acting is crazy to me. It’s like a slap in the damn face. Want me there when I’m sucking your dick but when it comes to som real shit you’re not here for it.”

“All I know is I want Breezy to my damn self. I shared him with his BM. I’m not sharing him to this little stuck up ass bitch. I know that’s your cousin or whatever but she got to go.”

“Cousin or not I get you. Besides she chose her stupid whore ass friend over me so we’re on the same page. Whatever it is that you’re doing. I got your back.”


If these bitches thought they were about to just be all happy and dandy while me and Ayisha are left out in the cold. They have another fucking thing coming.



Walking out of the school building I waved at a few people before jogging over to Ty’s car. I waited for him to unlock the door before I got in. “Hey.” I said before kissing him.

Ty and I have been good lately. Not much arguing. We bicker but that’s only because I don’t do everything he says. I’m not a dog I don’t follow commands. He’s learning that I am not every other girl he’s dealt with. I’m not taking the bullshit.

“Wassup. You learn something today?”

“Ehh kind of.” He laughed then pulled off down the street.

“What does kind of mean?”

“It means a little bit. Some of the teachers don’t teach. It’s whatever though.”

“What year you in?”

“I’m a senior.”

“That’s wassup. You’re actually going to graduate or are you fucking it up.”

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