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Chapter 11

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Champagne Papi

“Aye boss, we have a problem.” One of my workers came in my office and said.

“What kind of problem?”

“Rocky is dead. So are Ferg and Benzo.”

“Dead? How the fuck did they die?”

“Tyga and Breezy took them out.” He said causing me to raise an eyebrow.

“Wait a minute. I know you didn’t just say Tyga and Breezy. How the fuck did that go down?”

“Rocky tried to talk to his girl and shit went down from there. All I know is these niggas dead and that’s who did it.”

I slammed my fists down on my desk after letting out and deep sigh. This is what I did not need. More stress on top of the shit I’m already dealing with. These niggas are already taking over my streets and now they took out three of my best workers.

“Wait did you say girl? When did that nigga get a girl?”

“I don’t know but he got one. Both of them do.”

“That hoe Ayisha?”

“No different girl, Breezy too.”

“So he’s not with Charmaine? How the fuck did I not know this? She the reason I even let the nigga breathe this long. So what happened he played her out?”

“I’m guessing that. I know that’s your sister and all but are you really shocked?”

“Fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“I mean you know they were just fucking around. She wasn’t his girl from what I heard.”

“Are you calling my sister a jump off?”

“I’m not calling her anything. I’m telling you what I heard. Ask her yourself if you don’t believe I just came to tell you what the fuck was up.” He said before walking out.

I picked up my phone and dialed her number. When she picked on the second ring I didn’t even waste anytime before cutting into her. “Why the fuck didn’t you tell me you were done with that nigga Breezy?”

“Well hello to you too Aubrey.”

“Charmaine don’t fucking play right now.”

“I’m not playing. Why are you so mad at me damn?”

“I told you whenever you were done with that fool to tell me yet you not telling me shit.”

“Why the fuck do I have to tell you what the fuck is going on with me?”

“Remind me to slap the shit out of you. What happened?”

“Nothing we don’t talk anymore. He got a new bitch.”

“Who is she?”

“This stuck up ass girl from my school. Her name is Tishaya.”

“You know where she lives?”

“No I do not know where she lives. I really don’t see why you’re questioning me.”

“I’m questioning you because I fucking can. I’ll talk to your stupid ass later.” Hanging up the phone I sat back in my chair with my jaw clenched tight.

These niggas are cutting too close now. It’s alright, my sister has no ties with that nigga I can do whatever the fuck I want to do. He wants to hurt my money I can hurt his ass too. I hope he’s enjoying his girl and they’re having a good time because I will be paying baby girl a visit real soon.

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