Chapter 26 (Part One)

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“Don’t swing, don’t lose your mind. Just talk to them.” I said to myself before getting out of the car. “You can stand right here I’m only going in that house.” I told the guard after he closed my door.

“Alright,” I gave him a nod then walked to my parent’s front door. I stood there for a little while before finally working up the nerve to knock on the door.

“Who is it?!” An unfamiliar voice asked.

“Tishaya,” I answered with eyebrow raised in confusion. The fuck is that? When the door opened the confused expression never left my face when I saw the same girl I spotted at the mall a while back.

“Oh wow, it really is you.” She said. Not only was I confused as to why she was here, but why is she talking like she knows me.

“You are?”

“Tamia, come in. I’ll go get your parents.” She gave me a small smile then ran upstairs. Shaking my head I walked in the house closing the door behind me.

I looked around the living room in amazement. It looked completely different, they definitely upgraded since I’ve been gone.

“Tishaya?” Turning around I came face to face with both of my parents.

“It was you in the mall that day.” I said more to myself than my mother. I knew I wasn’t losing my mind. “You look different.”

“Good or bad?” She asked nervously.

“Good, you do too.” I looked at my father and said.

“You look beautiful Tishaya, you’re really growing up.” My father chuckled.

“I guess I am, so….I have two questions.”

“I think I know what they are but first let me say this. Tishaya we’re sorry,” My mother said.

“Sorry for what?”

“Everything, the fighting, the dysfunction, the drugs. We weren’t good parents to you and for that we are truly sorry.” She continued.

“She’s right; we should have set better examples for you.” My father added in. I really wasn’t expecting them to apologize. I wasn’t expecting them to even have their shit together.

“Wow that was unexpected. I appreciate it though, thank you. That wasn’t one of the questions though.”

“Oh so what was it.”

“One, how long have you two been clean?”

“Seven months. We went in right after you left.” My father answered me.

“That’s good, so who is this?” I pointed to the girl that opened the door for me.

“Her name is Tamia, she’s your sister.” My mother said.

“She’s my what?”

“Your sister, I had a situation with her mother not too long after you were and, yeah this is your sister.”

“Why didn’t you two ever say anything?” For some reason I felt myself starting to get angry and I didn’t want that.

“Well I didn’t know about her for a good while and when I did find out we were so far gone into what we were doing it never came up. Listen before you get upset just listen…” She started to explain herself but I put my hand up signaling for her to stop.

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