Chapter 17

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"Well look at you. I don't think I've ever seen you this covered." I laughed at Tishaya when she came in the backyard.

We were finally having this bbl I've been talking about for the longest. I wanted to do it as soon as we moved in but Ty wanted to wait until we were more settled or whatever.

"Trying to be funny? I got you." She waved me off.

"What took y'all so long to get here?"

"Bitch y'all live far the fuck?"

"It's really not that far. You really do look cute."

"Thank you, I does this shit." She laughed. "You are trying it too. Gaining some weight I see."

"Well thanks for pointing that out."

"I'm just saying, your hips are looking a little on the thick side in those jeans. Ty hitting that shit right I see."

"Aha, very funny. What I see is you trying to show off with those heels on?"

"Nope, I had to work earlier and I didn't feel like changing so oh well. Where's the food?"

"Over there." *I pointed to the table and she nodded.

"Oh alright, but speaking of work, thank you for leaving me by myself quitting and shit."

"It's not my fault. Ty told me to quit." I shrugged.


"I don't know he just told me he didn't want me working so I needed to quit. It's annoying man I have nothing to do now."

I made my plate of food and sat down with the girls who were here already.

Tishaya and I usually stay to ourselves but ever since we've been with Ty and Chris it's like we're around more females than before. Their friends baby mothers, wives, or whatever they like to refer to themselves are pretty cool.

First there was Ashley, Red's girlfriend and mother to their son Isaiah. She's a sweet girl, innocent is the right word. She got pregnant after the first time they even did anything. When she did her parents who are heavily religious disowned her so it's been her and Red ever since. I'm not going to lie I envy their relationship a little bit. You can tell he really loves her and vice versa. They go hard for each other.

Next there's Jodi, Black's wife. To say I was shocked to find out he not only was he in a relationship, he actually exchanged vows with somebody would be an understatement. Him being with somebody is a surprise because he is the biggest dog ever. All he does is try to pick up girls, it doesn't work to much but he tries. Well, when Jodi isn't around. She does not play when it comes to him, she will cut any girl even trying to get near what's hers. I respect her for it but let's be real nobody really wants him but her so she's good.

Then last there is my baby Amber. She's engaged to Ty's best friend Jayce. Those two are a trip to be around. You can tell they love each other but they bicker like an old married couple. All they do is curse each other out then act like it never happened ten minutes later.

"What does he want you to do? Stay in the house and bake cookies all day? Hell no," Jodi said and I laughed a little bit.

"I don't know what he wants me to do it's whatever I'll probably just go to school like I planned on doing anyway."

"Ok so I see you hookers can't say hi to me now? It's alright it's cool I don't like you bitches no way." Tishaya playfully rolled her eyes as she sat down.

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