Chapter 40

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Grabbing my bag off the counter I smiled at the girl who rang me up before giving her a quick thank you and walking out of the store. As I was walking to my car where Jodi was waiting for me my phone ringing caught my attention. After getting my phone out of my clutch I answered it and put it to my ear.
"Where you at ma?" Chris's voice came through the phone.
"On my way to my car I just left the shoe store why?"
"I need you to come get me real quick."
"Why? Didn't you drive?"
"Nah, Ty came and got me this morning. I'm at the barbershop."
"Alright give me like twenty minutes and be outside Chris."
"I know I got you just come on."
"Okay I'll see you in a minute." I hung up the phone then proceeded to my car. "Black at the shop?"
"Yeah he had to get a shape up or at least that's what he told me. Why?"
"Just asking, Chris just asked me to pick him up because he didn't drive. Have you spoken to Natasha?"
"Yeah like two days ago, something going on?"
"She's on lock down."
"What do you mean on lock down?"
"Ty is not letting her leave the house; the nigga got her on lock down. She's better than me Chris would've gotten slapped if that was me."
"That's how Ty is man, what did she do?"
"Ashley told me when they went out last week she took his Lambo and he found out about it. That right there is enough for him to fuck her shit up so bad she can't even walk. Then that whole thing with the shootout at the club."
"Oh yeah, Ashley been home bound too. She told me they were shooting directly at her and Tasha so Red been making sure she's been good. He even sent their daughter to Tallahassee with his mother so she would be safe. Chris isn't on some super protective shit with you?"
"The nigga put a tracker in my car; he already knows I'm not walking around with some big ass body guard attached to my hip. He calls me every twenty minutes if I'm not around him which is rare. For the most part I just been chillin, I'm not all out there anyway."
"True, Black already knows I can handle myself so he leaves me alone."
"Jodi let me ask you something,"
"Go ahead."
"You don't ever think about having kids?"
Chuckling she nodded her head. "I do but who has time for that right now? I'm not trying to bring a baby into this life, Black has to be done with it for me to go there. I'll be damned if I have a child then I'm stuck by myself because his ass got locked up or he's dead. That's not what I want, if we have kids it's going to be in the right environment."
"I agree with that."
"Why did you ask me that? You ready to have some little ones of your own?"
"Not really, I mean I want some but not right now. Chris wants them as soon as possible though, he keeps saying he wants a little girl."
"He actually wants a girl?"
"Yes and I am not looking to do that right now. We just got married can we adjust to this shit before we go popping out babies? Then on top of that I'm with you on what you just said. I'm not trying to have a child then some bullshit happens. Especially right now, got niggas shooting as his ass and shit."
"How long has he been wanting kids?"
"From me? Since the first time we slept together." I laughed. "I remember it like it was yesterday man, he was like come on just let me feel you for real. I told him hell no put a condom on I'm not trying to get pregnant. This fool said he didn't care if I got pregnant he wanted me to be the mother of any more children he bought into this world."
"Dead ass?"
"Dead ass that's what he said."
"Well damn, he was not playing."
"He's still not, I get that he wants more kids but damn can he wait?"
"Obviously not," Jodi laughed. "Real shit though, maybe he's big on kids because he has one with Teyana."
"And, what does that have to do with me? I love Malik."
"Of course you do but you can't tell me you don't ever look at Malik and wish he wasn't Teyana's son. The shit is always written all over your face whenever I see you and him together so don't lie."
"Okay, maybe I do think that sometimes. I feel like she has one up on me because she has his kid."
"Girl she may be the baby mama but you're the wife. The wife holds the power,"
"Power isn't what I'm after; I don't give a damn about that shit."
"That's fine but don't think that bitch has anything better than you. Teyana doesn't get a damn thing if Chris doesn't want to give it to her. You on the other hand, you're entitled to everything. You and his son, everybody else falls to the back."
"What he gets, she gets."
"Not necessarily. Listen don't worry about Teyana and don't let Chris's big ass pressure you into having babies if you're not ready for it. Y'all have plenty of time to take that step and when you do I'm sure you will have a gorgeous dimple having baby with your attitude and her father's curl pattern."
"His curl pattern?" I laughed hard as fuck. Jodi is stupid."
"Yes his curl pattern, say what you want but that boy has some good hair man. His mother does too."
"Oh please do not bring his mother up please don't." I rolled my eyes.
"Y'all still going at it?"
"Man that lady has some fucking issues bruh, everything I do she has a problem with it. I need for Chris's father to go give her the pipe so she can get her attitude together."
"Okay I just got a really bad visual." Jodi laughed closing her eyes.
"I'm just saying, I try and keep my mouth shut but she be trying me. I really wanna know what the fuck her issue is."
"Ask her,"
"So we can get into an argument? No I'm good; I'm telling you I can only take so much. I will end up hitting that woman and not giving one red cent of a fuck."
"You can't fight your husband's mother. Just tell him to check her ass."
"He does but the bitch keeps going, it's like she likes pissing me off."
"Maybe she does."
"She won't like what comes to her ass if she keeps it going, I will slap the wrinkles off of her face real shit."
"You're so damn wrong, that's your mother in law." She continued to laugh.
"Nah she's the devil's wife, that's what she is." Jodi can think this shit is funny if she wants to but it's really not. Chris's mother is just....that bitch is like an itch you can't scratch. It's just there to drive you crazy and there's nothing you can do about it.
After ten more minutes of driving I parked my car across the street from the barbershop while Jodi talked about some random shit. I wasn't really paying attention because my eyes were locked on Chris in front of the shop. There he was standing there with his boys talking, that wasn't anything big or unusual what had my attention was the four bitches they were talking to. Who the fuck are they and why are they even talking to them were the questions running through my head.
"Jodi shut the hell up." I told her.
"Damn rudeness what the fuck is wrong with you?"
"Who are those bitches across the street?" She raised her Chanel sunglasses off her eyes then looked over.
"I don't know but one of them are way too close to what's mine I don't play that shit." Her crazy ass was about to open the door but I pressed the lock button.
"Just wait a damn minute I want to observe this shit." I really wasn't thinking about these obvious hoes. Hoes are hoes, they see a nigga with some money of course they're going to stay there and cheese all up in their faces but my concern was Chris. Why the fuck he was entertaining the bullshit. Let's get something correct by no means do I think he would ever step out on me, nigga is not stupid but this shit had me tight.
"Listen I know you want to watch and all that shit but I don't play with bitches Shaya. Open the door." I ignored Jodi ranting about how she was going to fuck Black up until I saw the one talking to Chris touch his face. As soon as her hand touched his cheek I unlocked the doors then opened mine.
I didn't rush or run over there and neither did Jodi. We both just slid our shades back over our eyes then walked over there like the bad bitches we were. Obviously these dummies didn't notice us pull up, park or get out and walk over but it's okay. They were about to see us real clear.
"You should give me your number," Shorty smiled at me and said. I'm not going to lie, she was bad. Pretty face, fat ass, if I was single I would have taken her down but I'm not about to fuck my life up over a random ass bitch. I got a bad bitch at home so what the fuck do I need this hoe for?
"Nah I don't think that's a good idea, I'm married."
"Really? Aww, that's cute." She laughed touching my cheek. "So you must be happy if you're turning me down."
"I am happy, so yeah it's nothing against you but I'm not trying to fuck that up."
"That's good, your wife is a lucky woman."
"Well listen if you ever want to just chill or talk there's nothing wrong with being friends."
"You're right but my wife does not play that shit."
"What she doesn't know won't hurt her."
"No but it might hurt you," I heard from the side of me. I didn't even have to turn around to know who it was, I know my wife's voice and that damn sure was Tishaya standing there. I looked at Black and this nigga looked like he was shitting bricks while Jodi just stood there with her arms folded. This wasn't about to be a good situation."So this is what you do? Touch niggas faces and push up on them even when they tell you they're married?"
"It's not even deep, I was just being friendly. Let me guess, you're wifey?"
"No I'm not wifey, I'm his wife get it straight." I could tell by the calmness in Tishaya's voice she was mad as hell, might not seem like it because she's not going all crazy but trust me. She's about to kill this bitch if she doesn't walk away.
"That's the same thing," The girl tried to correct her.
"No it's not the same thing, a wifey is somebody who puts up with bullshit and is a little title niggas give to bitches like you so they feel special. I'm his wife, that's a partnership a lifelong commitment; of course your hoe ass wouldn't know anything about that now would you?"
"Who are you calling a hoe?"
"The bitch that's pushing up on a married man what the fuck are you confused or something?" Tishaya asked with her voice raising slightly.
"Watch that hoe shit, I'll fuck you up out here in front of your man don't get shit twisted." As soon as she said that I shook my head, why the fuck she did she have to go there? Now she's about to get her ass whooped.
Before I could turn around to tell Tishaya no her crazy ass swung and hit the bitch in her face making her hit the floor holding her face as blood poured out of her nose. I was confused until I saw Shaya had her purse in her hand, she was holding one of those purses that has handles on like brass knuckles. Hell knowing my wife they probably really are brass knuckles.
"Shaya was that really necessary ma? Damn," I grabbed her arm and pulled her up the street some. "What the fuck you do that shit for?"
"The bitch got smart with me but come at my neck the fuck are you even entertaining the bitch for? I should punch your ass too."
"Touch me with that fucking purse and I'll fuck you up out here don't play with me. Chill the fuck out I wasn't entertaining shit I told the bitch I was married."
"So what the fuck was she still right there for?"
"Trying to find a sponsor I don't fucking know. I wasn't trying to entertain shit she just didn't walk away I was out here waiting on you."
"Mhm don't play with me Christopher,"
"Nobody is playing with your Tishaya, let's fucking go before you catch a case out this bitch. You already beat one they might not be so nice next time."
"Shut up, you get on my nerves."
"I love you too now give me the keys and go get in the car. Trying to be out here fighting like you don't have a dress on."
"I don't give a damn."
"That's the problem, gimmie and go ahead." Sucking her teeth she pulled the keys from her clutch then handed it to me. "Go get in the car,"
"Hurry up nigga," She rolled her eyes then made her way across the street while I went back to where Jodi and Black were in a full blown argument like always. I don't know where those girls went but something tells me Jodi scared them off.
"Aye!" I shouted getting both of their attention. "We're leaving; y'all need to get off the damn sidewalk with this fighting shit. It's not a good look for real."
"How are you just going to take her ass away like we weren't having a day out and shit?" Jodi snapped at me.
"Well Shaya can't come out to play with your ass tonight so go home and work whatever problems y'all got out. I'm taking my wife home."
"Chris you're annoying as hell I swear." She rolled her eyes at me before looking at Black. "Come on fat ass, I'm ready to go."
"Watch who the fuck you're talking to Jodi I keep telling you that. How many times I gotta repeat myself?"
"Obviously until I give a fuck let's go!" She yelled before going to his car and getting in.
"This bitch is going to have me losing my fucking mind man. Make sure yours don't turn into Jodi."
"Trust me I am," I laughed. "I'll talk to you later bruh." We gave each other some dap then he went to his car while I got in the car with Tishaya. That nigga got a tough one on his hands.

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