Chapter 2

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"You ready lil mama?" I asked Tasha when I walked in her room.

"Yeah just about. How do I look?" She said spinning around in a circle.

"Like you're about to get laid."

"Shut up. You look like you're on your way to getting pregnant. Ass all poking out and shit."

"I know right. Love it." I said as I started to twerk.

"Too much ass to be moving. Let's go." She grabbed her purse off of her bed and we walked downstairs.

"Wow, okay you guys look way older than 16." Her mother said and we laughed.

"I'm 17 Ms. Jordan." I said and she laughed.

"Same difference. But you are going to your house after the party right?" She asked me.

"Yes ma'am you can call my mother and confirm that."

"I will be. But be safe and have fun." We both nodded and hugged her before walking out the house.

"Girl your mama don't play no damn games. I'm surprised she didn't say something about my damn clothes."

"We're covered for the most part. But how are we getting there?" She asked.

"You don't see this town car right here? My cousin sent it. Said she didn't want us walking. Come on." I grabbed her hand and we got in the car*

"So, why is she throwing this party again?"

"I don't know. She just felt like it."

"Random partier?"

"Yeah. It's going to be fun." We pulled up to the club she was having the party at and got out. I grabbed her hand and walked to where the bouncer was.

"Name?" He asked.

"Tishaya." He looked down at his list and nodded.

"You're good. Go ahead. She with you?" He asked pointing at Natasha.

"Yeah. Thanks." We walked past him into the club.

"Damn it's packed in here."

"I know right." I looked around until I saw who I was looking for. "There goes my cousin come on." We went up to the section my cousin was and she told the bouncer to let us through.

"I'm glad you came!" She said before hugging me.

"Me too. But look, this is my friend Natasha. Tasha this is my cousin Ayisha."

"Hi." They hugged and Ayisha looked at me.

"Alright look. I want y'all to turn up aight. Have fun."

"You saying that like you about to go somewhere."

"I'm not leaving but I was doing something. So I won't be around much. Just have a good time." She kissed my cheek then walked off. I just shrugged my shoulder and looked at Tasha.

"Ready to get shit poppin?" I asked her.

"Yeah, I'm not this cute for no reason."

"Cocky ass. But come on shots then we dancing." We went to the bar and ordered a couple of patron shots.

Once we downed them we made our way down to the dance floor just as they threw body party on.

"They playing my shit!" I yelled in excitement as I started to move my hips to the beat. I looked at Tasha and could tell those patron shots were working on her.

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