Chapter 30 Pt. 1

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“Thank you for everything,” I smiled at my lawyer as we walked out of the court room.

“I was just doing my job, it’s really no problem.”

“Well you did a great job so again I’m thanking you.”

“You’re welcome, call if there are any more problems.” We shook hands then he walked away. Cheesing I walked over to my parents and sister.

“So, how do you feel?” My mother asked me.

“I’m good, just glad everything is over with and I don’t have to think about this anymore.” Today was a great day for more than one reason. First, my case was thrown out because the cops didn’t have reason to search Chris’s car in the first place. Or at least that’s what my lawyer argued.

“Are you happy to be back? We’re definitely glad you’re here,” My dad said. That’s the other reason I was happy. I was finally back in Miami, it’s only been a couple of months but to be honest the shit felt like years. I missed my friends, my family, hell I missed the Florida weather more than anything.

“I am happy, I’m just glad to have all of that behind me you know.”

“Yeah, well we’re about to go back to the house. Are you coming?”

“I have a little bit of running around to do but I’ll be there later.”

“Okay, be careful out here Tishaya.”

“I know ma, I’ll see y’all later.” I smiled at them before walking outside to the car I rented when I first got back in town and pulling off soon after.

While I drove down the highway couldn’t help but think about Chris. He’s been on my mind every day since I left but I can usually block it out. Being back in Miami he wouldn’t escape my thoughts. More than anything I knew he was pissed at me, he had to be. I don’t really blame him considering how I left but it had to be done. There was no way I could tell him to his face, not only would he have stopped me but I wouldn’t have gone and we needed this time apart.

Of course I would like for us to get back together and all of that sweet stuff but this isn’t a movie, this is real life and I already know there is no way in hell we can just go back to the way it was. Besides Natasha already told me he’s entertaining Teyana again. I was pissed at first but that went away quick, I’m the one who told him to get back with her. If that’s what he wants, then more power to him.

Pulling up in front of Natasha’s house I shook my head when I saw the cars in the driveway. I was hoping she was the only person here, don’t get me wrong I love the crew but I wasn’t ready to face all of them just yet. Plus I didn’t know if the guys hated me for leaving their friend the way I did.

“They would be here today of all days.” I sighed grabbing my stuff and getting out of my car. I was about to ring the bell but knowing Natasha she had the door unlocked so I just twisted the knob and went inside closing the door quietly behind me. Following the voice I walked towards the living room and peeked in a little bit. Just like I thought all of them were in there laughing and joking around.

“Niggas just don’t know what they want. First you want your girl to cook and clean and all that other shit but when she’s not working you want to come at a bitch neck like it wasn’t your bright idea for me to stay home.” Amber said while looking at Jayce.

“The fuck you looking at me for? You work?” He countered back.

“I had to damn near break your neck for you to even let me open the shit.”

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