Chapter 6

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Sleeping peacefully in my bed the sound of something crashing against the wall woke me up. All I did was roll my damn eyes. I know it was my parents again. It's always them. All they fucking do is fight and get on my damn nerves. Usually I would ignore it but I'm sick of this shit. This is about to stop today.

Getting up out of my bed I put my slippers on and walked downstairs. Of course this nigga was standing over my mother like he just went ten rounds with Ali or some shit.

"Excuse me!" I yelled getting their attention. "I know neither one of you care about your lives in anyway but I have school tomorrow. So shut the fuck up!"

"Tishaya go back to bed." My mother said to me.

"I could if y'all were quiet."

"Just go!" She screamed.

"Why are you rushing her out? Tell her what the fuck you did!" He screamed kicking her in the side. "TELL HER!"

"Tell me what?!" I screamed.

Right now the frustration was on another level. I used to care about how he treated my mother. I mean father or not she is my mom but if you don't give a fuck about yourself don't expect me to. If you're taking it from his ass that's on you, not me.

"It's nothing Tishaya go back to your room!" My mother yelled just as there was a loud ass bang on the door.

"The hell is that?" I asked them. I could see fear plastered all over both of their face.

"Don't answer the door." My father said.

Before I could ask his scary ass why the door flew open causing this bitch to scream like she saw the devil himself. Looking up I was shocked by who I saw. The fuck is going on right now and why is he coming through my door like the fucking police.

Confused is something I really hate being. So the fact that I had no idea what the fuck was going was pissing me off. I was ready to hurt some damn body.

"THE FUCK IS MY SHIT?!" He screamed at my parents.

I've never seen him this angry. I don't fear anybody ever but I was a little freaked out at this moment. Did it show? Hell no I was still pissed at the fact that I don't know what the fuck my dad was talking about or why this nigga was in my house.

My mother started crying but was cut off by the back of his gun going across his jaw. I had to do a double take. I know this nigga really didn't hit my mother with a fucking gun. It's one thing if her and my father fight she takes that from him but for this nigga to break down my damn door and do this shit like it was alright. Hell no. I'm not having it.

Snatching him up by his shirt I used what felt like every muscle in my body to toss this nigga across the room making his gun fall out of his hands. Picking it up I sent a shot off into the wall.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!" I yelled getting all of their attention. When he looked at me it was like he saw a ghost. Guess he didn't realize it was me when he came storming his ass in here.


"Yes Shay. The fuck are you doing breaking my door down like you're stupid."

"You live here?" He asked me once he was on his feet.

"No, I just come by here at 3 in the morning to say hi. Yes I live here. So answer my question Chris. What are you doing here and why the fuck are you smacking my mother with a damn gun?"

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