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Chapter 24

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“Thank you,” I handed the cab driver his money then got out and got my suitcases out of the trunk. I had to stop and take a couple of breaths before walking over to the door and knocking. I was on edge right now. They knew I was coming so they were prepared for me or at least they were supposed to be. I’m just not sure how my sister was going to take this.

It was a couple of seconds before the door opened with Tracy standing right behind. “Tamia?” She asked, I guess she didn’t recognize me too much. I don’t blame her it has been a minute.

“Yes,” I laughed a little bit. “Hi Tracy.”

“You are beautiful, come on in.” She grabbed one of my bags while I grabbed the other two and I walked in looking around a little bit. It was decent. Better than I thought it would be. “Sean! She’s here!” Tracy called out upstairs.

Minutes later he came walking downstairs. “Wow, look at my baby girl.” He smiled walking over to me and pulled me into a hug.

“Hi, you look good. Both of you do.”

“Thank you, sobriety does that for a person I guess.” Tracy said and I smiled. I’m happy they were doing better. Talking to my father while he was in rehab did me some good. They weren’t in there for long but I guess they felt like they were ready to come home.

“That’s good. My mother told me to tell you thank you for taking me in.”

“It’s no problem baby girl. I wish your sister was here to see you.” My dad said.

“Does she know about me yet?” I asked them both.

“Not really, we’ve never been able to get around to telling her. It’s not like you were even around and we were just…” Tracy trailed off.

“We were going through something’s. We want to tell her you’re here but we have no idea on how to contact her.”

“Its fine, we’ll figure everything out at some point. Don’t worry about it.”

“Well your room is upstairs and the first door to your right. You can go unpack.” I gave them both a small smile before taking my stuff upstairs to my new room; I’m guessing it was my sister’s old room.

As I started unpacking my clothes I thought about how all of this will work out. I’m here in Miami living with my father and step mother. My older sister is m.i.a because of what happened when she found out about them using drugs. This was a lot to take in.

I’m just happy I’m not uninformed about anything. I know just about everything that happened so I’m content with my knowledge. I could understand why she wouldn’t want anything to do with them but I think if she saw how better they were she would rethink it.

My father and I have never really had the best relationship, especially since he had to keep me a secret from his wife for a good part of my life, keeping me from her meant keeping me from my sister too. It used to bother me but as I got older I understood the situation. My father wasn’t the only one wrong; my mother was to blame also. She’s the one who decided to have a relationship with a married man and of course I was the result of that situation.

It’s going to be a crazy adjustment living here with them just because I don’t know their rules, how they act with each other. I know my mother told me they used to fight a lot but my dad assured her they were done with the rowdy stuff so I was allowed to come on down here with them. My mom had a tough time letting me go just because it’s been her and I in our little townhouse right outside of Atlanta my whole life and now we’re living on opposite ends of the country. She’s in California with my grandmother who has been getting sicker and sicker by the day so she had to go be with her mother.

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