Chapter 10

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Looking over at Ty I just admired his face while he spoke on the phone. He was just about perfect. Those eyes, those lips, everything about him was enough to make a nun question her career choice. His tattoos, his body. Yes he was skinny but he has just enough muscle. Well for me at least.

I know I was being a little bit of a creep. Do I care? No, he stares at me too. It's just what we do. I mean that literally. We will just sit there and not speak a word but just look at each other. We're weird oh well. Don't judge.

"Are you done being a creep?" He asked after he hung up.

"I'm not a creep. I'm eating my taco and minding my business."

"No you all up in my face. You called your school?"

"Yeah, I don't need them calling my house so my mother can lose her mind."

Yes, I skipped school to chill with this nigga. Dumb yeah I know but one day will not ruin my education. It's not like I haven't been there in weeks.

"Why are you so scared of your mother?"

"I'm not scared of her. I just don't want to hear her mouth all the time I do what I need to do to keep quiet."

"Can't live how she wants you to."

"I'm not. It's just complicated."

"If you say so. You know what's not?"


"Shopping. Come on."

"I think you have enough stuff."

"You could never have too much besides we're going for you too. Where's my card?"

"Shit I left it in my dresser."

"How the hell you leave it there?"

"I ordered pizza using it and put it in there so my mother wouldn't pick it up when she came in there. Just take me to my house and I'll get it out."

"Trying to get caught and fucked up by your mother?"

"My mother is not home. Just take me to my house."

"Alright, come on. Don't say nothing when she catch your ass."

Waving him off we left out of his house and got into his car. When he pulled up to my house I got out and raised my eyebrow when he did too.

"What are you getting out for?"

"I gotta take a piss. You're not going to let me use the bathroom?"

"You can just hurry up." I went up to the door and unlocked it before walking in right behind me. "Upstairs, first door to the right." I said as I closed the door.

"Aight I'll be right back." We went upstairs and parted my ways when he went into the bathroom while I went into my room.

I got his card out of my draw and walked back out. While I was about to go down the stairs I heard the front door close. It literally made me stop dead in my tracks. What is she even doing here right now? She's supposed to be at work.

This was not about to be a good situation. I should hide but there would be no point. She's already going to find out so I just went downstairs. Maybe I can keep her from coming upstairs.

"Natasha." I heard her call my name as I made my way downstairs.

"Um, hey ma."

"Don't hey ma me. What are you doing here? You're supposed to be at school." She said coming out of the living room.

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