Chapter 34

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“What do you think?” Chris asked as he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind.

“I love it, how did you find this without even being here?” A smile graced my face while I looked around the backyard.

“I called Ty and he said he knew of some spots I would like. When he described this one I knew you would love it. So this is the one you want?”

“I think it’s perfect but don’t you think it’s a little too big? It’ll just be me and you here, well Malik too whenever he comes.” This house was crazy amazing, and crazy humongous too. Granted his other house wasn’t anywhere near small but this shit right here? The backyard looked like something out of a magazine.

“True but I’m trying to have you spitting out babies in the next few years so the room will be necessary.”

“Oh you’re trying it,” I laughed. “How many bedrooms does this have again?”

“Six, just enough for us to have four kids ma.”

“Don’t go chasing waterfalls just yet, who the hell told you I was having four of your big head ass babies?”

“Me, don’t worry about how just know it’s going to happen.” He let me go then grabbed my hand. “So this is the one right?”

“Yes, it’s perfect for us, since you don’t care about size.”

“Good, because I already bought it.”

“What? How did you already buy it?”

“I know you Shaya, and I knew you would like this one the best. So I bought it.”

“You just think you have me all figured out huh?”

“I do,” Chris kissed me on the cheek before leading me back in the house.

“So now what? When do we move in?”

“Whenever you’re ready, as far as right now I’m thinking we could christen our new house.”

“Oh no, nope not happening.” I started to walk away from him until his arms found their way around my waist. “Chris, stop it we need to go.”

“Go where? Where we gotta go?”

“We have to get your son and get something to eat because I’m hungry. Let me go.” I laughed while trying to move his hands but he was too strong for his own good.

“Nah come on ma, you look too good in that skirt for me not to touch.”

“Thank you for the compliment but let me go,” A giggle left my lips while he slid his hand up my skirt. Before his hand could reach the gold the doorbell rang. “Saved by the bell, get off me.”

“I’ll get your ass later ma,” He smiled letting me go.

“Whatever, whose at the door anyway? Don’t tell me you went and bought furniture without me too.”

“Nah, I will leave all of that shit up to you.” He walked to the door and looked through the peephole then looked my way. “Calm down,”

“Calm down? Oh hell who is it?”

“My mother, don’t argue with her Tishaya.” I couldn’t roll my eyes quick enough. Mood shot, shit blown, she was about to fuck my mood up.

“How the hell did she even know that we’d be here?”

“I told her, I wanted her to check the place out a little bit. Just be nice alright,”

“I’m always nice,”

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