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Chapter 4

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I sat on the hood of my car outside of this damn high school. I swear I been sitting here for at least fifteen minutes and my patience was wearing thin. Her little ass said 3:05 and she aint even walked out the damn door yet.

"Breezy?!" I heard my name and turned around. I regretted that decision as soon as I saw who was standing there.

"Shit." I said to myself as she started walking over.

"What you doing out here?" She asked trying to kiss me on the lips. I moved my face back and mushed her out of my space.

I knew I should have stayed ass in the damn car. Now I gotta run into this psycho bitch.

"Fuck wrong with you? Don't put your damn lips on me."

"Oh really? You wasn't saying that the other night."

"Go somewhere with this bullshit Charmaine,"

"You the one on some bullshit. You trying to act funny with me for what? Who the fuck you out here waiting on?!"

"GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY FACE!" I got off my car and screamed at her. As soon as my voice raised she jumped back. Ole scary ass bitch.

"Tell me who you waiting on first!" She screamed back.

"Uh....Am I about to interrupt something?" I heard from the side of me. Looking up I saw Tishaya standing there. I almost wanted to punch myself in the face at that moment.

"Wow, this bitch? You fronting on me for this bald headed ass bitch?" Charmaine yelled.

"First of all Charmaine watch who you calling a bitch and I'm far from bald headed boo. Get your shit together before I punch you in your muthafuckin mouth." Tishaya yelled back.

I could tell her and Natasha were complete opposites. Where Tasha is calm cool and collected she flips the fuck out. I don't mind it as long as she can back her shit up. Nothing worst than a loud mouth ass bitch with no hands.

"Or what you basic bitch! What you gon do?"

"Basic? No bitch basic is out here making a fool out of yourself for a nigga that's not even yours. Basic is being 20 years old in the fucking 11th grade. Basic is having three kids with 2 different wack fuck boy ass niggas. Basic is all you so you need to go sit the fuck down and act like you got some damn sense. Bitch you know me and you know I will knock your damn block off don't act like you bad when you not!" Tishaya yelled back getting closer to her.

Of course Charmaine's punk ass started backing up. Before she could get into reaching distance I grabbed her waist from behind and put my face in her neck before letting out a chuckle.

"Chill. You too beautiful to be out here fighting ma. Calm down." I walked her back over to my car and opened the door for her. "Get in."

With an attitude she got in and slammed the door. I shook my head and got in on my side then pulled off.

"Alright look. I know she pissed you off but don't slam my damn doors they didn't do shit to you."

"Whatever just drive the damn car."

"Fuck you mad at me for?"

"All that bullshit aint just happen because of you? Get your bitches in line."

"She aint my bitch fuck you talking about?"

"Come on now? Do I look like a fucking idiot? I'm younger than you nigga that don't make me clueless. You fucked her I know you did."

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