Chapter 37

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“So you left shorty in the car and ran off?” My brother asked me and I nodded my head. I did what he asked me to do; I don’t know what else this nigga wants from me.

“You did well; word has it she’s out. You know what you have to do now right?”

“Nothing, if I go anywhere near that girl Breezy will kill me.”

“He isn’t going to do shit, you have to make nice with her. Tell her you didn’t mean to leave her hanging but if you got caught you would’ve went down for a long time.”

“That sounds stupid as fuck, look I want out of this shit. This is your business, I don’t even know how I let you talk me into taking it this far. I could’ve fuck her life up.”

“And?! The fuck is that supposed to mean to me? From what I understand that little bitch isn’t the sharpest knife in the bunch. You already got her to carry weight for you, we could get these niggas using that bitch and you ready to back out?”

“I just think you need to leave that girl out of it, Tamia doesn’t have anything to do with what those niggas do she just got here.”

“She’s Tishaya’s sister correct?”

“Yeah bu-“

“But nothing, that’s good enough reason as any to use her to my advantage. Do I have to handle this girl?” Why the fuck did he have to go there? The last thing I want is for Tamia to get caught up with this crazy ass nigga. That wouldn’t be good for anybody; he’ll fuck around and kill her.

“Nah,” I shook my head. “I got it.”

“That’s what I thought. Now more than likely she’s not back at school yet which means you aren’t going either. We’re going to let things cool off a little bit before you start talking to her again. Damien, don’t fuck this up.”

“I got it Aubrey, I won’t fuck up.”

“Good now that we understand each other I need for you to get the fuck outta my office.” Sucking my teeth I got out the chair I was sitting in and walked out of his office.

“What did he say?” Charmaine asked while we walked down the hall.

“That I need to keep it going, I’m not feelin’ this shit.”

“Oh quit being a pussy, that girl is the enemy.”

“Who’s enemy? She hasn’t done shit to anybody so what the fuck are you talking about? This is you and that niggas plan and I’m mad as fuck at myself for getting involved in it.”

“Listen D, she’s the sister of that stuck up bitch Tishaya. That’s Breezy’s girl.”


“What?” She looked at me confused.

“That’s his wife, they got married. What you didn’t find that out even though you been low key stalking them?”

“He married that bitch?!”

“The fuck you thought? He was going to marry you? Yeah right, tell me something Char. Besides the fact that he wants Tishaya over you what’s your beef with her?”

“Mind your business Damien.” She tried to walk past me but I grabbed her arm and made her face me.

“No tell me what it is. You can’t right? That’s because that’s the only beef you have. You going through all this bullshit to get a nigga that doesn’t even want you. You were just a fuck to him, you don’t get that shit by now?”

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