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Chapter 7

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Shaking my head I listened to Tishaya tell me what happened at her house with her parents while walked out of school. I haven't seen her for a couple of days because she wanted to get her mind right before she came back to school. I can't even believe all of that went down.

Who does that to their own child? I didn't even know they were on drugs. Being around them you know it's something just because they're always gone or just fighting over something stupid. Normal people don't do that.

I know she was having a hard time. Were you going to be able to tell? No, she wasn't a real expressive person. Holding things that hurt her in is her defense mechanism.

"Are you okay? You need to stay with me?" I asked her.

"Yeah I'm fine. I would stay with you but your mama be trippin'. She strict as hell for no reason."

"True...So where are you staying?"

"With Chris until I can get my own shit."

"You don't have a job though."

"No his aunt owns a store so she's letting me work there. She's paying 13 an hour. Want me to ask her if you can work there?"

"Yes please, my mother is losing her damn mind about me not working."

"Didn't she make you stop working at the supermarket?"

"Yup, talking about too many hoodlums hang out by the parking lot. She has some problems for real."

"You know what I don't get about her. She's always calling somebody a hoodlum but she lives by them. Nigga move if it's really a problem."

"I see it like that, you see it like that. She doesn't. She has problems for real."

I knew my mother had some damn problems. She sees the bad in somebody or what she thinks is bad before seeing the good. She's judgmental as hell. That's on her though. It's nothing I can do about it.

"Well you have fun dealing with that. You want to come over to Chris's house with me though?"

"How are you getting there?"

"Bus. He had work or something to do so he couldn't come get me. I'm sure he'll drop you off at home if you come over. Before you say no just think about how much you love me and how I don't ask you for anything." She said and I laughed.

"Why do you want me to come over?"

"I'll be bored there by myself. It'll be me and his dog sitting there watching sponge bob if you don't. Please? Just come. I'll love you forever if you do."

"Fine. He better have food."

"Of course his fat ass does. All he does is eat."

"Sounds like you two have something in common."


We waited on the bus stop for a couple of minutes before it came. Once we finally finished the twenty ride we got off and walked the four blocks to his house.

"This nigga lives in the cut."

"Yeah kind of, but his house is nice as fuck."

"I would think so. Look at the rest of these houses." I observed the neighborhood while we walked.

I could tell it was a lot of rich people up this way. I've never been on this side of Miami. It was definitely different from where I live.

"Which house is his?" I asked.

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