Chapter 26 (Part Two)

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“You alright?” Tishaya asked me after I pulled off down the street. We were on our way to a dinner party Ashley decided to have at her house.

“Yeah I’m good, why?”

“You’ve been acting weird all day.”


“You’ve been real quiet, you were like this last night too. What’s going on?”

“Nothing is going on, I’m good.” I was lying through my teeth and she knew it. That’s the only thing that irks me. Tishaya has been around me too much, she knows when I’m lying easy.

“Ok I’ll play this pretend game.”


“I’ll pretend to act like you’re not lying just like you just pretended to tell me the truth.” See what I mean.

“I’m telling you the truth,”

“No you’re lying and it’s pissing me off. Do I look dumb to you?”


“So why are you sitting here bullshittin’ in my face like it’s going to fly over my head or some shit?”

“Nobody is bullshitin’ you! I said I’m good so that’s what it is.”

“You a damn lie, what’s your problem? What happened when you went to shop yesterday?”

“Tishaya just drop it,”

“I’ll take that as a yes. What’s the issue Chris I’m not fuckin’ playing open those lips and tell me what the fuck happened!”

“Watch who the fuck you yelling at!”

“So tell the truth. What happened?!”

“Teyana kissed me!”

“She kissed you?”

I sucked my teeth while shaking my head. “Yeah she came by there talking out the side of her neck then she kissed me out of nowhere.”

“Wow, alright. Well I certainly hope you’re ready to be a full time parent because I’m killing that bitch.”

“Calm down,”

“Fuck that and fuck you too!”

“The fuck you mad at me for? I didn’t tell her to kiss me.”

“No but you damn sure was lying about it just now. Did you kiss her back?”

“We’re not about to go back and forth about this shit.”

“Answer the fuckin’ question. Did you kiss her back yes or no?” Without answering I looked at her for a brief moment before turning my eyes back on the road. “You did huh? Wow,”

“Just listen for a minute.”

“No I’m not listening to shit, pull over.”


“Pull the fuck over you heard me!”

“I’m not pulling over Tishaya calm the fuck down it didn’t even mean shit.”

“Bullshit, bullshit and even more bullshit. You go and kiss that bitch but want to say it’s nothing? Nigga please!”

“I’m telling you the fuckin’ truth!”

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