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Saya rushes to the door, opening it to see Laila a bit anxious.

"He wouldn't stop crying, I'm sorry."

"It's okay Laila. Thank you for watching him." Saya takes Elior from her gently patting his back, "It's okay my love. I'm right here, mother's right here."

It seems he understands her because he stops crying almost immediately.

Laila blushes, "I apologize."

"No, it's okay. Don't worry, the instincts will come once you get a baby of your own."

Laila's face turns red like a tomato causing Saya's mouth to drop.

"Laila, are you pregnant?"

The young woman nods, smiling shyly. "Oh by the heavens congratulations!"

"Thank you. I'm really nervous."

"Don't be nervous please, it will all flow together with time. I am always here if you need me as well."

"Thank you, Saya, I better get going before Stephan sounds an alarm," the lady chuckles.

"Of course, goodnight."

"Goodnight Saya."

The queen closes the door, walking to the bed, Xerxes already there. She gets in, placing the baby in between them. "He is so beautiful," Saya comments.

"He got it from his mother," Xerxes adds, making her blush. The little boy looks back and forth when either of his parents talk.

"Hear that my love? You are very beautiful. Your father and mother love you so much," she smiles, wiggling her finger in his fists. The little boy lights up, smiling at his mother.

"By the heavens, Xerxes did you see that?" Saya asks in shock, Elior's smile fading as soon as hers does.

"I did," he says, staring at him, waiting for their son to do it again. The young woman repeats the same act making the little boy smile once more.

This is their baby's first smile!

"I can't believe it!" tears fill Saya's eyes, looking at her baby. The little boy stares at her as she quickly wipes her tears. Xerxes places a kiss on his forehead, making the boy look at him, his mouth smacking as his face changes. "He's about to cry," Xerxes says.

Immediately, the baby's mouth opens, as he lets out his cry. "He's hungry again," Saya picks him up, sitting up and pushing down the strap of her gown, bringing her nipple to his mouth. The little boy latches onto it, sucking immediately, making a little satisfaction noise that causes her to smile.

"I'm sorry my love," she says, using her thumb to wipe his tears and then caress his head. His little fists move to her breasts holding it as he sucks, his eyes on his mom.

"I love you too," she smiles at him.

"He didn't say that," Xerxes says, getting behind her, kissing her shoulder, making her giggle. "Well, that's what his eyes tell me. By the way, My love did you know Lady Laila and King Stephan are expecting a baby?" she asks, as Xerxes continues to place small kisses on her skin.

"Yes, Stephan already told me."

"Does that mean you will be the one to officiate their marriage and coronation?"

"Never in a million years."

Saya giggles. As much as Xerxes cares about his brother, he hates talking, especially in front of a group of people. He only talks when he deems it necessary and officiating a royal marriage and coronation is definitely not something he would want to do. Saya understands this, and would never push him to do it.

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