Beauty and Beastly | ✓ by SHIMMERINGGG
Beauty and Beastly | ✓by ATISH✨
THIS BOOK IS COMPLETED BUT IT WILL BE UNDER EDITING VERY SOON! Every year, in our village and the neighbouring villages, we encounter, on what is suppose to be the most...
  • beautyandthebeast
  • werewolf
  • kidnapped
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Rude Awakening by IVEYDOCX
Rude Awakeningby Ivey
Beckett Carlisle expects to speed his way through senior year of college. His goals? None, really, except drink more alcohol than water, go to more parties than class, a...
  • hookupculture
  • alcohol
  • romance
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Alpha Zena ✔ by Ancientt
Alpha Zena ✔by Ancientt
Two mates. One problem: He's sexist and she's a female alpha. Fire vs ice, estrogen vs testosterone, feminism vs sexism... Who will win? * Longlist Finalist of the 2018...
  • femalealpha
  • alpha
  • ancientt
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She's a Rebel [Star Wars | Luke Skywalker] *EDITING* by yub_nub
She's a Rebel [Star Wars | Luke Sk...by holly
*undergoing a bit of editing, so be expectant of inconsistent words* "she's a rebel, she's a saint, she's salt of the earth, and she's dangerous" ...
  • princessleia
  • anewhope
  • jedi
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Chasing Pavements ➸ T. Hiddleston by queendre_joy
Chasing Pavements ➸ T. Hiddlestonby 👑
  • hollywood
  • marvelcinematicuniverse
  • melissabenoist
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The Purpose of Miss Shepley by ArdenBrooks
The Purpose of Miss Shepleyby Arden Brooks
Edith Shepley has nearly every advantage: an education, an inheritance, the best prospects for a good match... But, unhappily, she looks like a Wyrm. Burdened by her que...
  • feminism
  • newadult
  • comingofage
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The Fight For Love | ✓ by trinitystories_xo
The Fight For Love | ✓by trinity sunalee
#1 in Teen Fiction, Action, & New Adult ❤︎ ❝Sometimes falling for the enemy is inevitable❞ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ When Anastasia Stone gets betrayed by her best guy friend, also known...
  • drama
  • mystery
  • badgirl
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The Fight For Love | Rewritten Version by trinitystories_xo
The Fight For Love | Rewritten Ver...by trinity sunalee
[REWRITTEN VERSION] After being betrayed by her only friend, Anastasia Martinez Stone gets thrown into a dangerous world full of fighting, racing, drugs, pain, and death...
  • gangleader
  • teenromance
  • badass
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1.4 | If The Shoe Fits by hepburnettes
1.4 | If The Shoe Fitsby noelle
Nine times Nala Mitchell gets caught in an embarrassing situation by her ultimate crush Kim Seung Jae. And one time he gets caught by her. All Rights Reserved. Copyright...
  • humor
  • ceo
  • newadult
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Never Go Home | ✔ by katkeenan
Never Go Home | ✔by Kathleen H. Keenan
[Wattpad Picks: Editors' Choice] In a world ravaged by global warming, there is the Offering: A rite in which every eighteen-year-old woman in each village leaves their...
  • adventure
  • sciencefiction
  • globalwarming
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Golden » Luke Hemmings by modernarts
Golden » Luke Hemmingsby yanna
"And baby, we are golden. Don't let anything or anyone make you think otherwise." "Luke, we're golden because we're alive. We are nothing without our good...
  • teen
  • subway
  • grunge
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No Capes: Lightning & Water by joecool123
No Capes: Lightning & Waterby Joe Cool (Elizabeth Seibert)
There are two kinds of Supers in Capital City: The ones that hatch secret plots underground, and those who fight whoever they can for all the world to see. Madeline Robe...
  • badboyadventure
  • badboy
  • adventure
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PATRIARCHY by alison-archer
❝Do you want to do this?❞ he asks, his brows furrowing as he traces his taunting fingers up my thighs. ❝Does it matter?❞ I ask, my voice shivering. He releases a low chu...
  • maturecontent
  • misogyny
  • mature
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Loving Him by cupofgreentealatte
Loving Himby cupofgreentealatte
He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not. But I love him. "Adam squatted so that he was eye to eye with me and he harshly grabbed my chin and forc...
  • abuse
  • pregnant
  • baby
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Brew Books 1 ✓ by ellekirks
Brew Books 1 ✓by elle kirkpatrick
London. A café and bookstore, run by 7 young bibliophiles. Until one disappears. Newly single, dropped out of her first year of university, and troubled by her past, Jan...
  • feminism
  • bartender
  • lovetriangle
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The Best Part of Hello | ✓ by holliehannah
The Best Part of Hello | ✓by hollie
Kayla's senior year trip is supposed to be the icing on the cake. Good grades, a perfect boyfriend and a future she's always imagined. But when their plane emergency sto...
  • lovestory
  • humor
  • highschool
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Millennials Ruin Everything  by YouThoughtRight
Millennials Ruin Everything by ÆLëXZ LéMïêūX
From one millennial to another: just stop. Thx.
  • racism
  • reallife
  • rants
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13th Doctor Preferences by UGottaLoveDraco
13th Doctor Preferencesby UGottaLoveDraco
It has officially happened, the 13th Doctor is a female! The future is female! This book contains preferences based on the newest face of our beloved time traveller. :)
  • potts
  • matt
  • peter
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ALPHA RISING (complete) by sly-ava
ALPHA RISING (complete)by sly-ava
"Zajícek ... Žena" He said with a thick accent and a ferocious grin, I had no idea what he'd just said but I felt like dinner on a platter with an apple in my...
  • alpha-king
  • strong-female
  • possessive
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Matt's Divorce by MaryFahey
Matt's Divorceby Mary Fahey
Fourteen-year-old, Matt Forrest wants a divorce! It's from the church-run state that looks up children of unmarried parents. He escapes with his sister on his back. His...
  • ragstoriches
  • runaway
  • success
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