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My breathing evens out and when reality has dawned on me, I realize that I have had my first. My eyes are closed but I am fully conscious of my environment, and the king behind me, holding me close. "Are you okay?" he asks. I nod in response because I am too tired to say a word.

"Did I hurt you?" I shake my head even though I am completely sore. He honestly didn't hurt me, I've heard it's normal for women to feel pain and be very sore for the first time. He kisses my shoulder which causes me to snuggle into his back, and fall asleep.

I wake up to the sound of birds chirping outside. I sit up on the bed and see that the King is gone, no, my room is gone! This is not my room, and if I'm not mistaken this is the -

The door opens immediately and Nabir comes in with the brightest smile I've ever seen. "Oh Heavens! This is great my Princess! You slept in the King's Chambers!"

Right...I knew this place looked familiar. He must've moved me when I fell asleep after last night's event. I turn to her using the sheets to cover myself. "What is so great about sleeping in the King's chambers?"

Don't get me wrong, I am actually happy that he brought me to sleep with him, but I don't think that justifies the kind of excitement written all over Nabir's face.

"No woman has ever slept in the King's chambers overnight! In fact, the King has never brought a woman to spend the night with him in his chambers!"

"Oh," is she trying to say I'm special? I don't want to get my hopes up and have them crushed so I brush it off. Just then, there is a knock on the door and a woman walks in, and hands a tray with a cup on it to Nabir. The woman bows and leaves. Nabir's excitement dies down almost instantly, but she forces a smile and gives me the cup. It's probably so I won't conceive. I don't mind now, but I know will want children later. A guard walks in, and watches me, probably to make sure I take it. I drink the bitter content of the cup and hand it to Nabir. The guard leaves and I get up to prepare for the day.

"You woke up later than usual Princess, the King is in his study right now"

"It's fine, we will still give him breakfast," I say and get up from the bed. My area is sore just a little bit but it doesn't prevent me from doing anything I'm used to. I get ready for the day back in my room and wear a blue light dress with my embroidery design. I comb my hair, and take my time to form my curls as I run my finger through it. I part the front of my hair in the middle and use my blue pin to hold one side back. Satisfied with my look, I get up from the table and turn to Nabir whose mouth hangs open. "Is there a problem?" I ask as I turn back to look in the mirror.

"No, not at all Princess. You look beautiful." I smile at her because for once, I actually feel beautiful. We head down to the kitchen and prepare a simple breakfast for him. I put chopped cabbage, green peppers, carrots, meat and then corn on unleavened bread and roll in up. I make 4 small rolls and pour the juice of freshly squeezed mango into a gold chalice. I then fill up a jug with water and get an empty cup. I put grapes, cherries, and strawberries in another bowl and place everything on the tray. Nabir and I walk up to the King's study and I let out a sigh, I honestly don't know what to expect. The guards are standing there just like always but avoid eye contact with me. Nabir knocks on the door and we are granted access. I walk inside keeping my head to the floor as I walk up to King Xerxes and place the tray in front of him.

"Leave," he says and I quickly turn around to go but he grabs my hand making me look up at him. "Not you," his eyes staring at me intensely. I hear the door open and I turn my head to see Nabir leaving. I take a deep breath because now it's just the king and I alone. I turn back to him and he lets my hand go.

"Sit" he gestures to the chair behind me. In the King's study, there is a very long table, probably for meetings with his advisors. He always sits at the head and now he wants me to sit on the chair closest to him. I sit down, he then turns to me and drags my chair till I am facing him but I avoid looking at his face. The events of last night keep replaying in my head and I can't help but blush. If not for my brown skin, he would've seen my face turn red.

"Are you alright?" He asks. I look up at him and nod

"Are you sore?" I shake my head.

"Don't lie to me"

"...a little"

He sighs and pulls me immediately on his left lap so that I am straddling him, my hands automatically landing on his shoulders so that I can steady myself and our faces unbelievably close. His hand is on my waist and I can feel my insides clench. I lower my head, I cannot stand the way he's staring at me all the time. He uses his other hand and tilts my chin up so that I can look at him again. "Do you really want me to eat breakfast?"


I nod at him. "Kiss me first." What? How can he tell me to do that when I am all hot, bothered and a blushing mess already?!

"Your food is getting cold"

"That means you should hurry," he replies, and I could've sworn I saw a little smile creep up on his face for a split second, but I'm probably mistaken. I take a deep calm breath and lean into him, I close my eyes and press my lips against his. He wastes no time to respond and bites my lip a little demanding entrance. I open my mouth and allow him to explore with his tongue. His hand on my waist tightens while his other hand pushes my dress upwards to reveal my thighs. My breathing quickens and I feel myself get wet. His mouth leaves mine and dives into my breasts. I let out a tiny moan I tried to suppress, my hand going into his thick black hair. "My Lord...your food...please"

He stops and looks up at me. "Very well"

His hand leaves my thigh and grabs one of the rolls. I watch him carefully as he takes a bite waiting for his reaction. He says nothing as he continues to eat. I don't know what it is about watching him eat that is so...satisfying. I smile when he goes into the third roll. It should be tasty then. My view is disturbed when I hear someone barge into the room.

"What is going on?!" I hear a female voice exclaim...Oma. I turn around to get up quickly from the king's lap but he grabs me and pulls me back down. "Where do you think you're going?" he asks, frowning at me. I shake my head and face Oma who is glaring at me.

"What is it Oma?" he asks

"My Lord! You breakfast" she says frowning at him. "I tried making you breakfast one time but you refused and yelled at me," she complains.

That makes two of us. I look at the king when he doesn't answer her, only to see that he is in his last roll. He takes a bite and brings the roll towards my mouth but I shake my head. "I'll eat later," I tell him and then look back at Oma who is now glaring at me once again. This is not what I had in mind, at all.

"My Lord," she whines

"Get out!" he says in a harsh voice which causes both Oma and I to flinch. She leaves immediately, closing the door behind her.

"Did I scare you?" he asks, moving his hand up and down my waist in a soothing manner.

"A little, you raised your voice suddenly at her. Anyone would've flinched." I say looking at him. He nods at me and then takes the chalice and drinks the mango juice. I watch him do that and with every gulp, I feel myself getting wetter. He drops the chalice and I see a small drop of juice on his lip. Without thinking I place my hand on his cheek and use my thumb to wipe it away. He stares at me, taken aback by what I did.

"I apologize," I say pulling my hand away from his face immediately, but he grabs my hand and puts it back on his cheek. He leans closer and smashes his lips against mine, to which I respond immediately. He pulls me closer to him and lifts up my other leg on his second lap so that I am completely straddling him, his mouth never leaving mine. His kiss is so passionate and his tongue exploring mine, like I am the oxygen he needs to survive.

My area gets wetter and I'm getting embarrassed, what if it gets on his lap, or his area? I immediately push him and get up like I was just stung by a bee and he gives me a questioning look. "I'm sorry, My Lord, I'm sorry" I say bowing my head. He gets up but I step back and hit the table behind me.

"What is it?" he asks as he comes to me and traps me by the table. "Nothing" I say, shaking my head, breathing hard. "I'm sorry, I can't," I say gently removing one of his hands from the table. I can sense him staring at me, but he does not resist as I remove his hand and elude him. I quickly grab the tray and exit his study, even though I feel his eyes on me.

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