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Nabir panics when she hears Saya say this, "We should turn around!"

"No, no, no, we can make it come on, please," she begs. Having her baby under the same roof that Xerxes is taking another woman does not sit right with her at all. Nabir puts one of Saya's arms over her shoulder, determined to get her to safety.


Stephan walks into Xerxes' study taking a seat next to him. "Why did you call me so late at night?" he asks. The sound of thunder makes both of them look outside. "The rain will be heavy tonight"

"The gods are angry tonight," Stephan retorts looking at him. Xerxes heaves a sigh, looking up at him.

"What do you want Xerxes, stop giving me that look."

"Do you love Saya?"

"What the hell Xerxes -"

"Just answer the question"

"No. I was attracted to her the first time I saw her, but you made it clear she was off limits. I love Laila, brother, she's my wife. I see Saya as a little sister. That 18-year-old girl will get the love she deserves, even if it's not from you. Now go to bed, my wife will start worrying about me soon."

Stephan leaves his study, Xerxes eventually going to his chambers as well, meeting Oma laying there waiting for him.

"I had to pleasure myself again, my love," Oma whines looking at him. Xerxes kisses her forehead and cheek getting into the bed.

She puts her head on his chest, as he caresses her arm, both of them falling asleep.


It is pouring heavily by the time Nabir and Saya get to the building, Mr and Mrs Guy helping them in. Saya is crying due to the pain.

"Please she's in labor," Nabir begs in tears, she has never seen Saya this scared.

"By the heavens, darling please help her upstairs while I get the midwives that are just nearby," Mrs Guy tells her husband.

"I'm...sorry...for t-troubling you," she says out of breath.

"Nonsense princess let's get you upstairs, come."

Nabir and Mr Guy help Saya up the stairs laying her on a bed. Saya groans, turning her head left and right in pain.

Mrs Guy comes back, and goes upstairs with two other women.

"Princess, we have to take off your clothes, they are too wet okay?"

Saya nods rapidly, trying to control her breathing. Mr Guy stays outside, taking Cora and the children back to bed. They had woken up due to the noise and thunder.

The women successfully remove her clothes, dabbing her body with warm towels. Mrs Guy positions Saya, constantly checking her to see if the baby is ready to come out. She uses a white sheet to cover her naked body, propping her legs up.

She groans again, panting hard.

"Princess the baby is ready to come out, but I need you to breathe and push for me," one of the women says.

Say nods pushing as hard as she can, determined to get her baby out.

Nabir holds her hand, "My Lady I need to get the others,"

"P-please don't leave yet," Saya begs.

"I'll be right back, just stay strong!" Nabir runs out of the room and into the streets under the rain, lightning and thunder, heading back to the castle.

It has been an hour of constant pushing but Saya is making no progress at all. She's already sweating profusely, her heart pounding.

"I can't do this," Saya says, tired of pushing. She's exhausted and in tears. The man that promised to be with her in this moment is laying with someone else and she feels all alone. No parents, no siblings, she's going through this all alone.

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