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Saya wakes up the next morning and sees she's in Xerxes' sleeping embrace. She is glad Xerxes now trusts her enough to tell her his past. Saya stays put admiring him, he looks so peaceful asleep.

"You're awake," he says, his eyes still closed. She has never caught him asleep! She kisses his cheek and gets out of the bed, grabbing her chewing stick, heading towards the bath. She stops by the window and looks out, enjoying the view...wondering.

She suddenly feels a kiss on her cheek and shoulder.
"What is it?" he asks from behind her.

"My Lord do you-"

"We talked about this Saya," Xerxes says, cutting her off before she could start. Ah yes...she forgot.

" you think I can go visit my family?" she turns around only to see him frowning. Why would she want to go visit her family when they can come here anytime they want?

"I just want to be on familiar grounds for a bit...please"

"Did something happen?"

Saya shakes her head immediately. "No, my love, nothing happened. I just want to stay there for just 2 nights. I can leave next week," hopefulness in her eyes. The new normal between them, Saya calling Xerxes either by his name or 'My love' was established last night.

He had made her practice till she fell asleep. The first couple of times, Saya was too shy to say it, but as she continued, she felt blessed that he wanted her to address him that way and started warming up to it immediately. Xerxes stares at her for a long time, Saya standing there hoping he will let her go.

"I'll accompany you"

"Your people need you here. It's not like I am running away," she says chuckling.

Xerxes has a bad feeling about this, he hates being somewhere he won't be able to protect her, and now she's pregnant, the thought of anything happening to them drives him insane. But at the same time, he wants to make her happy. What sort of test is this? After a few minutes, Xerxes sighs.

"Fine, but I'll be sending one of my trusted lieutenants with you. That's the only way you can go."

Saya nods in approval, excited, and hugs him tight.

"Thank you!"

At least he gets a reward for this.

Xerxes and Saya freshen up and leave the chambers. Xerxes heads to his study for his meeting while Saya heads downstairs. She meets Nabir in the kitchen with a bright smile.

"It seems both of us are happy, My Lady" Nabir tells her.

"It seems so. You go first," Saya says as she prepares breakfast for Xerxes.

"The commander wants me to marry him"

"What? Nabir that is great!"

"I know! I thought he was joking with me so I got angry and left for my chambers, but he followed me there saying he was serious. He didn't care about what his parents wanted anymore because he could only see me as...the mother of his children," Nabir narrates, her face turning red.

"I am so happy for you! Although mine is not as great as yours it is something." Saya tells her friend the events that unfolded the previous day and it seems like Nabir is hyper because she is overly excited.

"I can't believe you confessed to the king My Lady!"

Saya nods smiling as she concentrates on the meat buns she's preparing.

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