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It had just been 5 nights Xerxes spent away from his woman, but it felt like 5 years. Finally, he was back, Saya in his arms, healthy. He takes a moment to admire her sleeping peacefully. She was such a rare beauty, one he was proud to have.

The events of yesterday played in his head, his heart tugging a bit at his chest when he remembered her tears. How could she be so calm about what he did to her? She didn't complain, yell, or even hint that she was upset after what happened. He had definitely dealt with all that when it came to Cordelia in her early days, and Oma every time! But Saya, she was different, this aura of peace, innocence, and love followed her everywhere. She was definitely a talker now, which he didn't mind, she was a little girl, no, a young woman, but sometimes her eyes, when she was talking, did wonders to him.

She didn't know how easy the little things she did, turned him on. He kissed her cheek and shoulder before he got out of bed, covering her up with a thick cloth. He would have stayed in bed with her all day, but duty as a king always called. He freshened up and wore a pair of black pants and a black top that hung open. Looking at her one last time, he left his chambers, and headed down to his study. His advisors were already waiting for him and stood up immediately as he walked in.

He took his seat at the head of the table, then a young man stood up and began to read the status report of yesterday. Next was the Man of Coin, who began talking about the economy of the kingdom, and what needed to go where. The king and other advisors gave their input, the man writing down the final revisions.

About an hour or two later, they hear a knock on the door. The king gives the order to open it but is surprised to see a shaking Nabir walking in with a bowl of soup. He frowns as he watches her place the bowl in front of him. The advisors are quiet, looking at the king, waiting for him to do something. Nabir bows immediately and turns on her heels.

"Where is Saya?" he asks, stopping Nabir in her tracks. She turns around, her head still to the floor. "I do not know My Lord," she says, her voice shaking. Xerxes sits up his frown deepening. "What do you mean by that?"

"My Lord, she came down with me and prepared the soup, but asked me to bring it to you. She said she had somewhere to go"

"I apologize for the soup My Lord, I had waited outside for a while but had to bring it in so that it wouldn't get cold"

"That is not what you should be apologizing for!" he says in a harsh tone, his hand slamming the table. "You dare to serve me breakfast but have no idea where your lady is?" he asks, angry. "Forgive me My Lord," Nabir says kneeling down, her head on the floor. "You're all dismissed," he says to his advisors. A middle aged man says "Pardon me, My Lord we haven't-" but shuts up when he receives a glare from the king. Xerxes stands up and walks out of his study, Nabir bowing at the advisors and following him. As Xerxes walks out of the door, the guards there follow him, Nabir trailing behind. "Where did you see her last?"

"In the kitchen My Lord," Nabir says. Xerxes heads straight there, the maids all bowing as they see him enter. He looks at everyone of them but walks towards a maid with brown hair, she was the one that was with the other maid who gave Saya directions. "Where is she?" he asks, anger filling his tone. The maid is shaking like she had been left in the cold room for days. "She-she asked for directions to see the commander."

The king is furious when he hears this. Nabir covers her mouth in shock. How could she take it upon herself to go see the commander? Does she have a death wish? "Take her and Saya's maid to the dungeons," he tells one of the guards, leaving at once. The cries of the women begging Xerxes fades as he walks angrily to the quarters, guards following him closely. He gets there immediately and sees fear written all over the soldiers' faces...good. They all bow "My Lord" they greet, but he walks past all of them straight to the commander's door kicking it down to reveal a startled Saya, and a scared commander.

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