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It has been a week since the incident between Saya and the king. Xerxes sleeps with her every night but never makes any advances which is a life saver for her. Saya is currently in her room staring at her breasts which appear swollen. She is probably just sick, she thinks in an effort to comfort herself. Nabir knocks and comes in just as Saya wears her orange sleeveless top that stops after her breasts.

"My Lady, forgive me"

Saya frowns when she's greeted with this. "What did you do?"

"I took your chamber pot." Saya's eyes widen in shock.

"The physician didn't see the pot, I gave it to him using mine so it won't be suspicious"

"Nabir why?" she questions tears filling her eyes.

"You need to know and start eating right!" Nabir says in a harsh whisper.

"So that means..."

"Yes" Nabir confirms.

"Oh gods!" Saya exclaims falling face flat on the bed trying to calm herself down.

"It's okay My Lady, we'll figure something out. Right now you need to serve breakfast to the king or he'll become more suspicious"

Nabir is right. For now she has to behave like everything is okay, she has to. She gets up and wipes her tears heading down to the kitchen. She prepares a simple breakfast of bread, cheese, and meat, with grape juice. Nabir helps her take the tray to Xerxes' study. Saya knocks on the door and enters after the king has given the go ahead. She places the tray in front of him and turns around to leave but he holds her arm. "My Lord, if you could excuse me for today, I am a little bit busy," Saya says, trying to get him to let her go.

"Busy with what?"

"I...need to attend to my flowers, and also change the ones in your chambers, that takes a while"

Xerxes then shifts his gaze to Nabir who gets the hint that she should do the tasks that Saya had just mentioned. She bows and leaves immediately. Can't this man eat breakfast alone for one day?! Saya sits down on the chair closest to him, and watches him as he eats.

"You cried again"

How in the world does he know? She washed her face too!

"Nabir had told me something funny. I laughed too hard that tears came out of my eyes," but Xerxes shoots her a glare

"Don't lie to me"

Is it even possible to get away with anything when the king is involved? "I was home sick," she says looking at him. She isn't lying, she is in her new 'home' and she's 'sick' due to the pregnancy. Sure it might not be the same 'home sick' he's thinking but that's not her fault.

"Your family is coming tomorrow"

"Pardon me?"

"The Kingdom is celebrating an event so all the nobles and royals are coming"

"What is being celebrated My Lord?"

"...My brother's birthday"

"You have a brother?" Saya asks, shocked, but the king doesn't respond, confirming her question. There's a lot she still doesn't know about this man. That aside, her family is actually coming tomorrow! It is getting to two months and she hasn't seen them. At least there is one good thing happening right now. She can't help but smile at Xerxes who is busy concentrating on his meal. She gets up from her chair, catching his attention. He stares at her as she comes to him and sits on his lap. She wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him into a hug. Xerxes is shocked by her actions but hugs her back, his arms around her waist. "Thank you My Lord," she says. He honestly doesn't know how much he has brightened up her mood.

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