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Stephan goes up to his chambers wearing a few clothes, alerting Laila. "What is the matter?"

"Saya is in labour."

Laila gets up immediately, throwing her clothes on. She grabs two cloaks helping Stephan wear one, her wearing the other. She couldn't believe it, she didn't want Saya to go through this alone.

The couple rush out of their chambers meeting Julius, Peter, and Nabir. "Are the horses ready?" Stephan asks

"Yes My Lord."

As they advance towards the door, something stops them in their tracks.

"STOP!" they hear a woman yell. They turn towards the kitchen area and see Oma holding a knife. Stephan instantly pulls Laila behind him. "You all are not going anywhere! I am the king's only woman," she says, walking slowly, dragging her bare feet.

"Where is the king?" Laila asks

"That hurts my feelings, I'm right here"

"Focus Stephan I'm serious," Laila says, pinching him.

"He's with Saya, it seems the bastard has come back to his senses," Stephan smirks.

"My Lord there's something wrong with her," Peter says, holding Nabir's hand.

Oma's hair is all over the place, her nightgown ripped, and her eyes, they're wide as if someone is using their hands to open them up, like saucers. Veins both red and green show in her eyes and her arms.

"I.Will.Marry.Xerxes. Just because he doesn't lay with me doesn't mean he doesn't love me! I WILL MARRY HIM!" She screams holding the knife.

"We don't have time for this, Guards!" Stephan yells, but Oma laughs out loud. "I killed them, all of them, see?" She shows them her knife.

"Is it supposed to be bloody?" Julius asks, confused.

"All their blood is dripping from this knife, and YOU'RE NEXT!" Oma runs towards them, gripping her knife. Julius brings out his whip, seizes her hand that wields the weapon, and trips her, making her kneel down. She screams in pain, irritating everyone.

The guards come running in, "You're supposed to be on guard!" Stephan exclaims.

"Apologies, My Lord."

"Take her away!"

The guards grab Oma, pulling her out of the scene.

"He'll come find me! I AM THE QUEEN," she yells, struggling against the guards.

Peter sighs, "We have to go." They all turn around heading out of the castle, mounting the horses and riding through the rain to meet Saya.

They go through the doors of the building, meeting the midwives and Mr Guy who bow and greet in respect. Stephan is trying to read the atmosphere, it's getting a little tense.

"A boy," Mrs Guy says with a smile. Everyone releases their breaths in relief.

"Can we go see them?" Laila asks.
"They're upstairs," Mr Guy tells them. They all climb the stairs, Stephan entering first, followed by Laila.

"Oh wait, wrong room," Stephan turns around and everyone hisses, playfully calling him names, making him chuckle.

Stephan sees an open door and walks in, "That's the bathroom."

"Stephan move out of the way," Laila passes him, moving towards an open door filled with lighted candles.

She walks in and sees Saya sleeping while Xerxes is carrying a baby, who also seems to be asleep.

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