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Xerxes calls holding her hand, but she frees herself from his grip. "Not now!" she exclaims looking back at Alec.

The guards and general are shocked by her actions. Did she just hush the king and he did nothing about it? This woman is on a different level.

Alec laughs, "Yes our leaders attacked the king's family first, but he murdered innocent children! Mothers! Pregnant women!"

"Your foolish leaders should have thought about the consequences when they decided to attack. If they valued their families, and their lives, they would have let the land be!"

Alec has no counter, he just stares at her. "You should know the gods are never silent when the innocents are killed"

"He killed innocents"

"That's not how it works and you know that." She is right, the gods don't look at children and pregnant women when they pass judgement.

"I still don't regret what I did. Wiping out more than half of the kingdom of Laine is worth it. It has sent a message to this man that calls himself a king; the resistance will not back down."

"Oh but the resistance is already weak."
"We will fight to the death. I have done my own part, they shall play theirs."

Saya chuckles sarcastically. "You know for someone who speaks so much about killing innocents, I really thought you had a different outlook. But you're just a hypocrite. You did the exact same thing, kill innocents."

"It's not like I have anything left to live for." She looks down to see his hands; he's right.

"True, you have nothing else to live for, the lives of all you care about have been taken as well, you just need to watch the expedition."

Alec and everyone else's face changes instantly in shock. What is she going to do?

"You're lying!" he exclaim, fear and anger in his tone. Xerxes is confused, he was just laughing like he had won a battle a few minutes ago.

"We both know I am not," she says looking at him expressionlessly. "Remove the chains, let him go," she says looking at the guards.

"No," Alec says glaring at them. The guards look at Xerxes to make sure he approves but he's not even looking at them, he's looking at Alec...confused.

"I said let him go"

"No, no, no! Don't unlock it!" he says breathing hard. The guards bow at Saya before bringing out the keys.

"DON'T UNLOCK, PLEASE!" he yells, struggling as if he can stop what they're doing.

The general is looking at the scene confused, she's letting him go but he does not want to be free?

Once all the locks have been opened, the chain falls, but Alec doesn't move. He hugs the tree begging the guards to tie him back up. Everyone around there is still bewildered, except Saya.

"We're done here," she turns around, leaving. The screams of Alec begging the guards are heard as Saya and Xerxes leave the camp.

"Take the horse back," he tells Saya. She turns around smiling at him, "Fine, but if I throw up the contents of my last meal on you, do not blame me"

He nods, signaling one of the men to bring his horse. In a few minutes, the white stallion is in front of them. Xerxes helps her onto the horse before getting behind her, the horse moving immediately.

They get back to the castle in a matter of minutes but because they had spent so much time outside, it is getting dark already.

Nabir welcomes Saya giving her a hug. "Are you okay My Lady? I hope it went well"

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