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Peter gently taps Saya, waking her up from sleep. "Princess, we are here." Saya yawns stretching herself. The walls of the castle of Laine greet her. She smiles brightly, coming down from the carriage.

She looks around and sees maids staring, and pointing. They seem surprised she's back. All kinds of rumours will spread now but she doesn't care. She hears the door to the entrance of the castle slam. Saya looks up and sees her mother running to her, tears in her eyes. Saya runs to her as well enveloping her in a hug.


"My beautiful daughter!" she says showering kisses on her face.

"But how did you-"

"King Xerxes let me come visit you." Her mom is shocked but grateful either way.

"I'm really okay, mother. This is Peter," Saya turns to him. "Peter this is my mother."

"A pleasure to meet you, Queen of Laine," he says bowing.

She nods smiling at him but gives Saya a questioning look. "He's one of the king's trusted men. That was the condition he gave me to come here."

"It's alright. Laine is peaceful so you should put your mind at ease and just enjoy your stay"

Peter nods, all of them heading into the castle. "You must be so tired seeing that you arrived here this morning. Why don't we have a meal?"

"But where is Father? And my sisters?"

The queen's face saddens when she asks. "Your father is sick, but your sisters are okay. Maya went to visit Cersei and her husband, while Cara is visiting Mira and her husband. No one knew of your arrival, but when news travels, they'll be on their way immediately."

"Can I go see father first?"

"You may, but he's sleeping, maybe after," she suggests.

Saya nods, she turns to Peter. "You can freshen up. I'll do the same and see my father later on."

He nods, turning to her mother who had just called a maid. "Please show our guest where he can freshen up and stay." The lady nods, taking Peter away.

Saya freshens up and goes to her father's chambers. She opens the door to see him still sleeping. She sits beside him taking his hand in hers. "I'm back father, but only for a little while. Please wake up before I go." She kisses his hand sitting beside him. She can tell he is trying to stay alive. It is such a painful sight.

"Saya," her mom calls. She turns looking at her mom by the door. Standing up, she follows her mother back to her chambers.

"These walls are just as I remember. These pillows," she says touching the blue little pillows on her bed. "I've really missed this place."

"You can stay here. You don't need to go back."

"What?" Saya turns to her mother.

"Saya we shouldn't have let you go there in the first place. We should have surrendered and-"

"Mother no, listen to me. I went there on my own accord, different kingdoms with their own unique skin were conquered and added to either Moore or Sheath. I didn't want that happening to us. I miss here, but I don't regret leaving...I'm going back"

Her mother stares at her for a few seconds, "Is it because you're pregnant?"

"Mother it's-"

"Is the baby his?"

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