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Saya's eyes flutter open. It takes a while for them to adjust to the light. From what she sees, she's in a building, an expensive one. Wait, she has seen this building before. She slowly gets up feeling a hand on her palm. Xerxes? She looks immediately and sees Nabir sleeping by her side. Oh...

This is probably the -

The door opens immediately pulling Saya out of her thoughts. Ah yes, they made it to King Stephan's kingdom.

"Princess!" Laila greets with a smile. Saya nods in acknowledgement returning her smile.

"How are you? The poison had spread by the time you got here! You were out for three days!" Saya's hand moves to her belly immediately, worry showing on her face.

"Don't worry, your baby is perfectly fine. The physician said you probably have a god in there," she says with a smile. Saya chuckles in amusement and relief at what she hears. Nabir stirs a bit but Saya gently rubs her back making her comfortable again. She must have been scared out of her mind! What will she do without Nabir? Saya looks at her leg, seeing the snake bite, her baby must probably hate her so much. Is she on day he or she? Saya does not keep up at this point.

"How about the war?" Saya asks looking at Laila who had taken a seat by the table.

"Stephan took his men to help King Xerxes in battle. He did leave a good number here to defend Sheath in case the resistance tried something else. But from the numbers that were calculated and seen, the resistance brought their entire army to the land of Moore. Don't worry, Stephan and King Xerxes never lose a war," Laila explains.

She nods looking down at Nabir. "Come and freshen up princess," Laila says to her. Saya leaves the bed carefully so as to not wake Nabir. She then heads over to the divider and into the bath.

When she is done, she wears a dress Laila had laid out for her; a dress that is both light and loose, very loose.

Saya steps out seeing a very happy Nabir. "My Lady! I was so worried about you!"

"I apologize Nabir," Saya hugs her friend, both of them taking a seat on the bed. Laila had gone to get her some fruits.

"Julius and Peter kept blaming themselves. You fell in and out of consciousness throughout our journey here. You were burning up and we were scared that something might have happened to the baby," she says looking at her belly.

"Where are Julius and Peter now?"

"They're probably in their chambers or out in the kitchen or gardens charming the maids," Nabir says irritated. If Saya is not mistaken, Nabir is definitely jealous, but she doesn't know if it is Julius or Peter.

"Does Peter not show you attention anymore?" Saya asks, gauging her reaction.

"We're just friends!" she exclaims, her cheeks red. She pulls her brunette hair over her face. Yes, it's definitely Peter.

"You know he always talked about how the commander was never good enough for you," Saya says, pretending to be nonchalant about it. Nabir's head rises immediately, all her attention on her lady waiting for more, but Saya does not say anything else.

"My Lady, I know you're teasing me!" she whines, making Saya chuckle. "I am serious. He really said that, but I think he's just insecure about his age since you are four years older than him," she tells her friend in all honesty.

"Age is nothing but a number!" she exclaims. "That's what I said!" Saya exclaims as well, the both of them laughing.

Seeing Saya smile, warms Nabir's heart. This woman has been through so much, that a princess should never have to go through, but here she is smiling and laughing with a common maid like her; no, a friend. Saya is a very strong woman, and she has proved it time and time again.

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