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Saya can't believe it! King Xerxes is making her stay in his chambers during the celebrations, that is unfair. She is currently sitting on the bed trying to convince him as he is wearing his outfit. Why does he always wear the ones that show his chest?

"My Lord but my family will finally be here, I need to see them."
"They'll be in the kingdom for a while. Today you need to rest," he says, sitting down on the bed next to her, his legs on the floor. Is he really giving her that as an excuse?

"So my body needing rest didn't occur to you this morning, in the bath?"

Xerxes stares at her which makes Saya pull the covers over her face. "I apologize" she whispers. She can never tell what is going through this man's head, he always...stares.

He grabs the covers from her but she uses her hands to cover her face. "What are you doing?"

"Hiding," she replies "from your sharp gaze." He grabs and pulls her closer to him, her hands still covering her face. "Put your hands down," he says to her, but she shakes her head. She is really a child.

"Only if you let me go for the celebrations." Xerxes sighs and holds her wrists, in one soft swift he pulls her hands down from her face, but she's closing her eyes. No, she's a baby. "Open your eyes or Nabir will-"

Saya opens her eyes wide immediately. He would go as far as threatening her friend? The king smirks in triumph.

"You just smiled!"

"It was a smirk"

"It's better than nothing," she says smiling wide at him. "Now can I go for the celebratio-"

"No," he says standing up from the bed. "Please, I'll stay next to you the whole time. Besides I have never seen your brother before." She says kneeling on the bed, his back facing her.

"If you don't let me go then I won't prepare breakfast for you anymore"

"I never liked breakfast"

"But you eat the one's I prepare"

"That's because it's you. If you stop it won't change a thing." Saya doesn't know if that should be taken as a positive or negative thing.

"I won't let you kiss me or touch me again!" she says as Xerxes reaches for the door. He turns around meeting Saya's challenging eyes. He takes 3 long but quick strides to her causing her to sit on the bed as a reflex, her heart beating fast. He leans into her putting his arms on either side of the bed, trapping her. Saya's breath hitches, her challenging eyes immediately turning into submissive ones. He crashes his lips against hers, snaking his right arm around her, Saya quick to respond immediately.

He breaks the kiss and pecks her forehead, "I'd love to see you try. Take care of the little one," and with that, he lets go and turns around heading for the door.

"That's not fair! I was caught off guard but next time you won't be so lucky!" she calls after Xerxes who smirks to himself and closes the door behind him.

Xerxes turns to the guards, his eyes a deadly glare. "If anything happens to my woman I'll have your heads"

"Y-yes My Lord," they say, terrified of that look he just gave them. He then turns to the maid holding a cup of the bitter content.

"It won't be needed anymore," Nabir says to the woman.

"And what about Lady Oma?" she asks.

"Get out!" Xerxes says in a harsh voice causing everyone there to flinch. The lady immediately turns around almost tripping on her feet as she scurries away. Xerxes looks at Nabir who bows and says "I'll look after her, My Lord"
"She shouldn't leave the chambers for any reason"

"Yes, My Lord." Xerxes walks away as Nabir enters the room.

"Nabir, my goodness! You're okay!" Saya says running to, and then enveloping her in a hug.

"I'm alright My Lady," Nabir replies hugging her back. Saya breaks the hug, and studies her face. It's healing up well. "I'm so sorry you had to go through this because of me"

"Don't apologize My Lady. I was doing my duty, as a friend." Saya gives her a warm smile and walks over to the bed. She taps it signaling for Nabir to come over.

"How about the commander? I know I shouldn't be prying but I just had to ask, out of genuine concern."

"He came around after the incident he had with you. I guess he has always done things to please his family without thinking about what he wants."

"For an old man like him, he should know better."

"My Lady, he's not old! He's just 30!"

"Exactly, old," Saya says, both of them chuckling.

"He was really concerned about me when he heard about my encounter with the king. He didn't leave my room till very early this morning. He even talked about how he would've fought the king if he wasn't a loyal comrade"

"You mean if he wasn't scared?" Saya chuckles.

"You really like to make fun of people, My Lady"

"What else can I do? The king has ordered me to stay in his chambers all day, the only thing to do is make the best out of this situation. Although making fun of people is so shallow minded of me."

"You sound wise beyond your years"

"Do I? The king thinks I am a child, but I told him I am a young woman. I'll prove it to him"
"How My Lady?" Nabir asks nervously. Saya stands up and heads to the window looking outside. She turns to Nabir smiling. "What do you say, we head out for a few minutes?"

Xerxes heads towards the stairs in deep thought. Should he just go back and stay with Saya? She's pregnant, and full of life, she might try something. That combination scares him a bit.

No, he should trust her, after all that's what caused him to hurt her all those times. How could he be so stupid to the extent he turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to all her pain? It's a miracle the child hasn't given up yet after all he's put the mother through.

If he knew women's taste, no, girls' taste then he could put something together and give it to her. What would Saya like? Maybe something with her favourite color. Wait...what is her favorite color? He realizes there's a lot he doesn't know about this woman he cares so much about. That should be his number one assignment then, getting to know the mother of his child better. King Xerxes is too deep in thought that he doesn't notice Lady Oma calling after him in her red dress. She grabs his hand just as he's about to descend the flight of stairs from the third floor. "My Lord!" she calls out in a bright smile.

Xerxes looks at her, and realizes she is wearing matching clothing with him. But wait, how did she know? Curse those maids. He studies her outfit and sees her dress is tight around the breast and waist area to enhance her figure. It also reveals her collar bones, her dress flowing and touching the floor. Her hair is up in a bun with red flower hair pins. It's obvious she took her time to get ready for this event. She is, without a doubt, looking very gorgeous. Men have heard of her beauty and struggle to get her attention, but she obviously went where the gold mine was, in the king's bed. She sees that he's looking at her outfit, and she smirks,

"You wouldn't leave for the event without your escort now would you?"


What is this? A double update? Why you're welcome! One of my readers convinced me to do a double update yesterday, but I couldn't. I had to work twice as hard to get it done today.

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