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I am panicking! My heart is beating so fast when Nabir confirms something that has been tugging at my heart. I lift the sheets and check my injury...the cloth is still there. It looks...different. I scan it a bit further and realize that it has been tied differently. He must have seen it when he carried me to his chambers. But that does not explain how he knew it was Oma that did it!

"Nabir what happened? Tell me everything!" As she's about to open her mouth there is a knock on the door. The same maid as yesterday comes in with a guard and hands me a cup. I meet her halfway and grab the cup, drinking it all in one go. I drop it and turn to Nabir. "Walk with me." I move past the maid and the guard heading towards the stairs, a sheet wrapped around me.

"My Lady it all happened so fast"

"Talk," I say as I quickly go down the stairs to the third floor.

"I was actually preparing for the day when a maid barged into my room and said the king was looking for me in the throne room. I was very scared because when the king sends for anyone especially from the throne room, it means you're in deep trouble or that you are standing trial. I dressed up quickly and headed straight to where I was summoned. When I entered, the king's advisors were by the steps and the king was sitting on his throne furious. I was asked to stand and wait. It had been 3 minutes or so before I heard Lady Oma yelling at the guards, I assumed, as she came into the throne room"

By this time, I am in my room cleaning myself up and getting ready as quickly as I can.

"When I saw Lady Oma before the king, that was when I knew he had found out about your injury. She yelled at me, calling me a bitch and smacked me with her hand that has so many rings on it. That is why part of my face is swollen. I told Lady Oma that I knew nothing of what was going on but the king silenced us and questioned me, asking if it was true that Lady Oma had hurt you intentionally.

I told him the truth, that she had forcefully hit you and I with her shoulder causing the tray to fall, the chalice and jug accidentally hitting your leg in the process. He questioned me further asking if she knew I was hurt and I had to tell him the truth. I told him yes. The king was thorough to the extent that he asked me if she said anything after that to you. I told him she smiled and said that the king didn't like scars and that he might not even notice. Lady Oma kept calling me a liar but the king dismissed me, and I ran up to get you"

I am fully dressed when Nabir finishes the story, wearing a red dress and red pins holding my hair back. "But we still don't know how he knew it was Lady Oma," I tell her.

"Did he ask you about anything yesterday," she questions.

"He did ask about the medicine tray but I told him that I got them from the physician because I was training"

"By the heavens My Lady! Lying to the king is treason!"

My heart even beats faster. "I couldn't tell him I was hurt yesterday because of Lady Oma"

"He still found out, and should be giving her her punishment now"

I turn around immediately and head for the door. "My Lady where are you going?"

"To the throne room" I reply as I open the door and head to the stairs. What is wrong with the king for crying out loud. It is just a cut and it is not even that deep! Why would he go through such extreme lengths! I can't even imagine the kind of punishment that he would give me for lying to him. I arrive at the throne room and the doors are open. I walk in immediately and see Lady Oma pleading with the king. She's kneeling on the floor and there is a guard by her side holding a sword.

"You will see how it feels when you have a scar on your face! No man will ever look at you!"he says, his voice laced with anger

"My Lord please, I will never do anything to her again. It was a mistake, I was jealous...I love you!" she begs

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