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Saya feels her heart crumbling. Her hand goes to the necklace immediately, shaking her head. "No, I can't."

Xerxes glares at her bringing out his hand, but Saya takes a step back shaking her head, tears filling her eyes.

"It's mine. Xerxes gave it to me," she defends.

Is this woman mad? He's Xerxes and he never gave her a thing! Of all things to give her, would it be their family's royal diamond? She's certainly out of her mind.

"Stealing something does not make it yours," he stands up making her flinch. "I did not steal it! King Xerxes, the man that cares about me and my baby gave it to me. He promised to marry me!" tears flow from her eyes.

"I'll take the meal back, I'll leave, but please don't take this away from me." Xerxes walks up to her grabbing the necklace and snatching it away from her neck, cutting her in the process. Her hand goes to the side of her neck immediately, touching it, she removes her hand to see...blood.

Xerxes glares at her but walks back to his seat putting the necklace in his pocket. Saya sniffles, her baby kicking again. Her hand goes to her stomach involuntarily, tears falling on her belly. She turns around walking out of his study, dragging her legs.

"Princess!" Nabir exclaims, everyone else turning in her direction. "He took my necklace," she manages to get out in tears.

"Princess you're bleeding!" Laila says, making Julius and Peter furious. They're about to take a step towards the door when Saya tells them not to.

"This injury is nothing compared to what my heart feels right now. I just want to rest a bit."

The ladies accompany her back to her chambers consoling her. "I just want him to come back to me," Saya says hugging Nabir crying on her. Laila runs out to get supplies from the physician meeting Stephan along the way.

"Where are you in a rush to, my princess?" he asks, wrapping his arms around her, kissing her neck.

"Do you know where the physician stays?"

Stephan frowns looking at her, "What happened?"

"Saya got injured,"

Stephan lets go of her immediately, his jaw clenching, "That bastard!"

The King of Sheath tells her where to go before taking off to set his brother straight.

He barges into his study only to find Oma sitting on his lap. "GET UP!" he yells. Oma glares at him not moving, Xerxes doing nothing.

"I SAID GET UP!" Stephan walks up to Oma grabbing her arm, throwing her to the side, her back hitting the floor.

Xerxes stands up annoyed, "Stephan what the hell -"

"NO BROTHER! YOU WHAT THE HELL?!" he yells, grabbing his top. Xerxes looks down at his hand and looks back up at him, "Let.Me.Go," he glares at Stephan.

"Now you listen to me and listen to me really well Xerxes. That girl is pregnant, almost nine months now, and you hurt her physically?! Do you want her and that baby, YOUR baby to die?"

"That bastard is not mine -"

Stephan punches Xerxes, making Oma gasp. "How dare you-"

"GET OUT OF HERE! KINGS ARE TALKING!" he glares at her, veins showing on his throat.

Oma has never seen Stephan this mad, she frowns at him but leaves immediately in fear. Xerxes looks at his brother shocked, Stephan has never, in his life hit him seriously before. And he does it now, for what? Over Saya?

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