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People's screams and cries wake Saya up early the next morning. She looks to her side and sees Xerxes is gone; panic fills her immediately. The sound of an explosion jolts her. She runs to the window and sees that Moore is under attack. Memories of Laine come flashing in her mind and her breathing starts to quicken. She looks around her and grabs the metallic candle stand she finds on the table. Why would they attack so early? This does not make sense, King Stephan and his advisors predicted the war a month from now. The door barges open startling Saya.

"Nabir!" she says running to her. "My Lady! It's The Resistance!" she says, fear evident in her tone.

"I don't understand, they were just conquered in Laine, how did they mobilize immediately?" Nabir asks, taking Saya's hand as she peaks out the window.

"It was probably a strategy. Laine was just a diversion for Xerxes and his brother. They wanted them to lose track of what they were doing. They probably found out about the spy in their camp long before they sent their 'gift' to King Stephan," Saya says looking out the window.

"Grab something now! We should defend ourselves when the time comes," Saya says moving towards her chest rummaging through it.

Nabir looks around and sees a knife by the fruit bowl on the table. She grabs it immediately standing by the door.

"No, we have to block the entrance! Help me move the-"

Screams erupt in the castle cutting Saya off. The ladies turn to themselves looking panicked.

"They have entered the castle already! Nabir we have to move quickly!" Saya says pushing the table to the door. Nabir helps her in getting the table to block the door, they then start pushing the clothing chests to the door as well. Saya is determined this time. She will not stay hidden waiting for someone to rescue her. She will stay put so that the enemies will come and await their death.

It does not take long for banging to start on the door. Saya's heart is pounding her grip on the metallic stand tightening. A sword goes through the door, pieces of wood flying everywhere. Someone is really trying to get in here! There is yelling behind the door and it seems it's not only one person trying to break it down. The chests and tables become unstable, pushing backwards as the men make progress. Immediately the door opens, the men start yelling in pain as the sound of a sword goes through their bodies. Saya and Nabir stand there awaiting the person that will come through the door.


King Xerxes had gone out that early morning as per usual to train with his men.

"We have been training for years! Now push yourself like it's your last!" the commander yells from the wooden podium.

"Commander!" the men yell in unison before they take their weapons and start training immediately. "My Lord," the commander greets, turning around to see the men Xerxes is observing.

"Gather the lieutenants again, let me see how they've improved," Xerxes says, taking out his sword, and walking down to the field.

"Yes My Lord!"

The commander heads over to the tents where the men are sharpening their weapons. "The King has requested you all train with him again."

The lieutenants stand up immediately gathering their items. "This is what I always look forward to," one of the men says, taking out his axe.

"Training with the king is a pleasure," another adds, grabbing his sword. Peter and Julius take their weapons heading out with the other men. "Time to see if our training has improved brother," Julius says.

"Right," replies Peter.

The men get to the training ground and see Xerxes backing them, his sword drawn. One man runs forward with his sword swinging it at him but Xerxes side steps dodging his attack grabbing his arm, squeezing it and throwing him forward, making him fall to the ground.

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