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The streets of Moore are filled with shocked, and surprised eyes. In the history of this kingdom, this has never happened! Xerxes had walked Saya back to the castle one time, but this is different! He's willingly leaving the castle without his horse, and accompanying his woman out! The king is walking with his woman along the streets of Moore! Surely he has other things to do as a king is always busy, however, he chooses to escort his woman to wherever they are going. People cannot help but stare and whisper.

Saya and Xerxes take notice of this, but it seems to be disturbing Xerxes more.

"You can go back to the castle, My Love," she giggles. "You're not getting rid of me that easy," his arm wraps around her waist pulling her closer.

"No one is getting rid of you. You just seem uncomfortable." Saya looks up at him but he doesn't say anything. For Xerxes to step out of his comfort zone just because of her makes Saya feel so loved. She can't help but smile as they walk on.

"What amuses you?" he asks, frowning, noticing her smile. She stops making him stop as well, the guards all halting at once. She turns to him, standing on her tiptoes to reach his ear. Xerxes bends a little, helping her out.

"I love you," she whispers, before carrying on with her walk. Xerxes freezes for a second before he regains himself catching up to her. This woman knows how to throw him off his feet!

No way! The king even allows the woman to whisper in his ear? This is a sight people will pay gold just to see! Just how precious is that woman next to him, that he would go this extra mile for? The rumours are also true! She's pregnant! The resistance will weaken now that the rumours have been confirmed.

Saya notices a familiar child running up to her. "Meelo!" she squeaks in excitement carrying him from the ground.

"Princess!" he hugs her back, giving her a peck on the cheek. "I missed you princess," he says through his sniffles.

"I missed you too! You're getting heavy!" She exclaims, putting him back down.
"I'm becoming a man! I turned seven last month!" he flexes his muscles, making her giggle.

"Congratulations! What do you want as a present?" she asks. The little boy frowns as he's trying to think about what he wants.

"I want food to make me strong like him!" he says pointing at Xerxes, who has been frowning in confusion since Meelo appeared. He arches up an eyebrow at him. Saya looks at Xerxes who clearly does not know what to say. She pinches his arm discreetly signaling for him to tell the little boy something.

Xerxes rolls his eyes sighing, before squatting to reach the boy's eye level. Meelo takes two steps back, a bit overwhelmed by this man that possesses such powerful aura.

"If you want to be strong like me you must suffer first with blood, sweat, and tears. You might even lose your mother and father along the way," he tells the boy, showing no emotion.

"My father is dead," the boy says already sad

"Good, you're on the right path," he replies, his face still void of emotions.

Meelo sniffles, a tear escaping his eyes, this shocks Xerxes. Was it something he said?

"What he means Meelo, is that after eating a lot of food, you have to train so hard till your body is so tired, and losing your parents means you have to stay away from them for a while. He just said it in a different way okay?" Saya brings him in for a hug, gently tapping his back to soothe him. He nods against her sniffing his nose.

"Where's your mother?" she asks

"She's at her shed!"

"Let's take you to her okay?" He smiles brightly nodding. Meelo holds her hand heading to his mom's shed.

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