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It has been two months since the battle of Laine. Saya was eventually told that she lost her family which was a very difficult thing for her to take in. Recovering from a scary rape attempt, loss of your entire family and kingdom has not been easy for Saya. But she has her friend to lean on, Nabir. They had become closer than ever and Saya had been making a speedy recovery thanks to her. King Xerxes had brought the people of Laine to his kingdom but under 'special' treatment. It is the least he could do for his woman since she still has not come around. The people of Laine were given positions in the castle and also outside. It has been a tough two months but everyone is slowly healing. It actually seems to be driving Xerxes over the edge because Saya is beginning to show and he cannot even be with her, his men suffer his pain every morning on the training field. Xerxes spends longer times there since he isn't coming back to be with anyone, sometimes he goes late for meetings with his advisors because he is still on the training grounds.

Lady Oma had also been at work, trying to get the king to come back to her. She prepared breakfast every day for him, followed him almost everywhere, and even formed the habit of laying on his bed at night to wait for him. Xerxes was too frustrated to let her carry on with those rituals. He had punished her for laying in his chambers and the guards, for letting her come in, but that didn't stop Oma. She always knew king Xerxes is a tough nut to crack, but these days it is getting worse, and she doesn't know why.

Saya had also become close to Peter and spent a lot of time with him. At first, Xerxes almost attacked him, but Nabir had pleaded, explaining that it is probably because he was the man that saved her from being raped, that is what made her trust him, it's like a recovering mechanism.

This is what eats Xerxes up every day. He cannot stand another man being with Saya, it's killing him. He wants her to come around so badly but it seems like it's not happening anytime soon. Saya mourns her family every day and if she's not in the gardens with Peter, she's somewhere else with Nabir. It seems to Xerxes that she is moving on without him, she should not forget he is the one that put the baby in her, the baby that comforts her, Saya's primary source of joy. Xerxes' sleepless nights are not something the physician can give him medication for, literally, they had tried but it never worked. Saya, on the other hand, had it rough the first couple of weeks waking up to nightmares all hot and sweaty but it's different now, she seems to be getting over everything and moving on with her life.

"Do you think it won't be okay if I suddenly start giving him breakfast again?" she asks nervously, putting the meal she prepared on the tray.

"My Lady, the king gave the people of Laine special treatment because of you. He's been giving you space for two months now! He would gladly receive a meal from you," Nabir encourages.

Saya smiles shyly, lately, she's actually been missing Xerxes' presence. She would peak at the training ground from a window in the castle just to watch him, or spend more time with Peter to see if he will show his face. She even goes to his chambers but stands at the door afraid of entering. Nabir keeps telling the princess to follow her desires but her courage to go up to him had long gone. The two months they spent apart made her feel like she's pregnant for a complete stranger, a stranger she's still in love with.

Nabir takes the tray from the table, both of them heading to the king's study. They get there and the guards open the doors immediately for the princess, she takes the tray from Nabir and walks in. Saya sees Lady Oma sitting on a chair beside the king, a tray of breakfast in front of him. Oma turns around and glares at her while Xerxes stands up immediately on seeing her.

"I-I apologize M-My Lord. I didn't know she had brought you breakfast," she says taking a step back.

"Saya wait," he calls after her but she bows her head, leaving the study immediately.

Oma grabs the king's arm trying to stop him, "My Lord-"

But he yanks his arm out of her feeble grip, going after Saya.

The princess is by the stairs, her heart pounding. She had handed Nabir the tray immediately running towards the stairs when she came out of the king's study. Of course he would be with his other woman, how stupid was she to bring breakfast for him like he has only been waiting for hers? "My Lady!" Nabir catches up with her.

"What happened?" she asks.

"Saya!" they both hear. Nabir turns around to see Xerxes behind her looking at her lady. He takes the tray from Nabir who bows and gives her friend a little smile before heading down the stairs.

"I apologize My Lord. I had no idea-"

"Stop apologizing to me Saya," he says, making her look up at him. "Please...come"

Xerxes takes her to his chambers. He places the meal on the table, sitting down, and her next to him. He folds his hands, resting them on the wood, staring at her. She blinks a few times at him and then looks at the meal. "You're probably not hungry My Lord, I'll just take it away."

"Stop," he says to her when she reaches to touch the tray. Saya is too anxious, and she doesn't know why. It was her idea to make him breakfast anyway! She misses being in his arms, her baby too. He slowly reaches to touch her hand, but she pulls away in reflex. Xerxes closes his eyes and lets out a soft sigh, this is driving him crazy.

Saya mentally slaps herself for pulling away. What is wrong with her?! Taking a deep breath, Saya gets up and stands in front of him. She gently takes his hand and puts it on her little bump.

"Baby and I have missed you," she says, giving him a warm but shy smile. Xerxes stares at her, and then his hand on her belly. He slowly pulls her onto his lap so she is straddling him and hugs her. She hugs him back, her hand going through his hair, it is longer now. He breaks the hug, still holding her tight, staring at her, he can't believe it.

She slowly cups his cheeks and leans into him. Saya presses her lips against his, Xerxes responding immediately. He has missed this woman. Her smile, her touch, her giggles, her frowns, her lips, everything. He craved her every time he laid down in his bed. She couldn't possibly understand how angry he was every time he saw her with Peter, laughing, and sometimes playing. It was not fair that he was the one that was suffering this, though it is his fault she was hurt, the punishment was too much for him to endure.

When she had walked into his study, his heart had skipped a beat. For two months! That was the first time she had come to him, that was why he went after her, even if it was just that moment that he got to spend with her, it would keep him from going completely insane. But now, she is in his arms, kissing him. He doesn't know if he can ever let go.

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