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"Why won't you marry me?" he asks looking at her, very serious. Saya ignores him, eating her tangerine.


"Yes My Love?" she answers, smiling at him. Does she think this is amusing? Rejecting his proposal is gut wrenching!

"Answer my question." By this time, she has finished eating her tangerine.

"Can I get a pear My Love?" she asks, giving him a warm smile. He sighs stretching past her, grabbing a pear in the bowl behind her, and handing it to her.

"You have to rinse it first," she says trying to look serious. He rinses the pear, clearly annoyed and hands it to her.

"Thank you," she takes a bite, moaning in approval. "Try it," she brings the pear close to his mouth but he doesn't react, still staring at her. She sighs,

"You know I cannot marry you."


"Because Oma is-"

"She left." What did he just say?


"She left. After I told her I am going to marry you, she packed her things and left."

"So you can stop with this. Once a woman of the king leaves, she cannot come back. You got what you wanted -"

"I WANT YOU!" he yells out of frustration, making her flinch in shock. How can she not see that? He would not propose to just any woman. Marriage is a sacred thing. He huffs containing himself, "Saya I want you and only you. ...Please, marry me."

Saya's heart is completely warm. He honestly does not know how scared she was, because she felt he only wanted to marry her to get rid of Oma. She didn't want the feeling of someone she loves just using her, the thought is heartbreaking. Tears of joy leave Saya's eyes as she nods at him.

"You'll marry me?"

She nods again, smiling shyly. Xerxes grips her thighs, smashing his lips into hers. She drops the pear pulling him closer, her hand in his hair. She is so in love with this man that it hurts. He presses her against him, exploring her mouth, muffling her moans. The king breaks the kiss, resting his forehead on hers, allowing her to catch her breath. She looks at him, and sees it, a smile...a very faint one.

"You're smiling at me"

"Because you said yes," he crashes his lips into hers again.


"My Lady, you can never come back if you leave!" Sarah pleads, following her to the carriage outside.

"People only think I am leaving but I will be back Sarah. Just make sure you come whenever I send for you"

Sarah nods and watches as her lady steps in the carriage, leaving. This woman is more foolish than she thought. Now that she has left it is over! There is no way she can come back into the castle since she's leaving! What kind of plan is she cooking up this time?


"Just smile one more time please!" Saya begs looking up at him but he doesn't do anything, staring down at her. They had gone up to the king's chambers because Saya told him the maids still had work to do. They are currently lying down on his bed. Saya is still ecstatic that the first time she's seen him smile, and him admitting it, is because of her, but she wants to see it again, he just doesn't want to.

"My Love, please," she begs but he doesn't even move a muscle. She goes on top of him, sitting on his waist making him groan in annoyance. She giggles looking down at him, his hands landing on her thighs to steady her.

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