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"Xerxes my brother, it has been a long time," a man says walking up to Xerxes, a bright smile on his face. His hair black, eyes blue just like Xerxes, except his jaw is a bit more prominent, smile, as charming as ever, he is evidently more handsome than Xerxes, any woman would think so.

"Stephan," Xerxes acknowledges.

"Oh don't be so grumpy, today is my day! I'm adding another handsome year to my attractive self."

Yes, he is always so full of himself. He knows how charming he is, Stephan, King of Sheath, the second largest kingdom anyone has ever known.

"I still don't know why you are always cold to me, we conquered land together, built our kingdoms together, forged an unbreakable alliance. But then again, you have always been this...reserved"

Xerxes listens to him completely uninterested. "And who is this beautiful damsel you have here?" Stephan asks, eyeing Oma in all the right places.

"Lady Oma, My Lord," she replies with a slight bow, blushing all over. Another big fish if Xerxes doesn't work out, she thinks. "I'll be with the other Ladies My Lord," she tells Xerxes who just nods. She heads to the other end of the room meeting the other royals jumping into the conversation like she had been there before.

"She is a beauty," Stephan says looking at Xerxes. "I have my eyes on her, I'll have you know", he says smirking at him

"You always do whatever you please Stephan. I have never stopped you." They walk out of the throne room towards the gardens.

"Of course Xerxes, you have never stopped me because you have never had what you actually want within your grasp. I can tell just by your body language that you are not interested in that woman the slightest bit. But what is this rumor about a third woman you have gotten?"

Xerxes says nothing as they walk on.
"Ah! The silent treatment," Stephan dramatically places his hand on his chest "That hurts my pride Xerxes"

"You'll live, you're full of pride"

Stephan chuckles. "It seems like you purposely locked this woman up in your chambers. Is it so that I won't see her? You're worried I'll steal her?"
Stephan sees that he is angering him. "Relax brother," he says, placing his hand on his shoulder.

" I simply want to see the woman that is so precious to you to the extent that you'll keep her locked away from my eyes. She must be something, no she's probably everything to you"

Xerxes looks at his brother, clearly frustrated. "You know I'll end up seeing her, and then we'll see if she'll leave you for me"

"It's not up to her to decide, she's mine," Xerxes says glaring at him.

"Ah yes! Keep saying that. I have a party that needs my attention brother. Do well to come back in when you've cooled down," he leaves Xerxes in the garden walking back inside.

Maybe that's why he wants Saya to stay in his chambers. He is probably scared that she might find solace in another man, the thought angers him so much. Maybe he should've brought Saya down for the celebrations after all, just so that his brother wouldn't have to be suspicious... is it too late now?


"The king's brother you say?" asks Saya

"King Stephan of Sheath, the greatest womanizer that has ever lived, and he's proud of that title. He gets every girl he wants, everyone knows that."

"Really?" Saya chuckles arching an eyebrow at her

"You won't believe it till you see him, or when he talks to you"

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