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Saya is wearing a long purple dress with a brown cloak, standing outside waiting for Xerxes.

"He's taking too long Nabir," she whispers, so the other maids wouldn't hear her. Saya is prepared and the carriage, ready for departure, but Xerxes and the so-called "trusted man" are yet to appear.

"Maybe he's trying to delay so you won't go," Nabir replies giggling.

"I'm going, even if we depart late," she says with a determined expression.

"My Lord," Saya hears the maids greet. She turns around and sees Xerxes with the man. Wait...she has seen him before.

"You're the twin! It's great that you'll be the one traveling with me. It won't be boring, and we can get to know each other more," she says smiling at him, completely ignoring Xerxes.

The king frowns standing in front of Saya, completely blocking her view of the man.

"Is there a problem?" she asks, blinking at him. "He's only going to protect you, no socializing"

"Xerxes what does that mean? Sure I can talk to him, the journey will be long, and I will need some company"

"That's why I should go"

"You know you can't," she says sulking at him. He turns to the man, "Peter."

"My Lord, I will do as you have instructed," he says bowing and heading over to the carriage.

"My Lady!" Nabir says hugging her.

"I'll be back soon Nabir," she hugs her back and then turns to face Xerxes who is still frowning. Saya stands on her toes and pecks his cheek.

"I'll see you soon," she smiles at him, but he grabs her, claiming her lips. She responds, putting her hand in his hair. Xerxes breaks the kiss leaning his forehead on hers, "Stay safe"

"I will," she pecks his lips before heading into the carriage.


"So, your name is Peter. Does this mean Xerxes trusts you more than your brother?"

The man laughs, "No, he said one of us should go and we both drew sticks, I got the shortest one, so that's why I am here"

Saya nods, interesting. It is amazing how she is able to talk with one of the king's men. She has so much she wants to ask.

"I heard you're pregnant," Peter says pointing at her belly.

"Didn't people say it's just a rumour?" Saya retorts smiling.

"That's what I thought till the king had a talk with me early this morning. He said if anything happens to you or his child, he will have my head," he chuckles nervously.

"Oh...well I suppose you know the truth now. Has the king always been so...reserved?" she asks

"Everyone knows he doesn't like to talk much, so he only voices his thoughts when he needs to, but he is a beast on the battlefield, even training"

"Training? The king has never trained since I came here"

"On the contrary princess, he trains everyday, very early in the morning, with his men."

She had no idea! Very impressive. That's how he maintains his muscular body. She never notices Xerxes leave the bed, and when she wakes up, he's right beside her. Saya can't help but smile, he is really something.

"You must be happy," Peter says snapping her out of her thoughts.


"You managed to get the king to only notice you, women would die to have him look their way, you should be proud of your achievement"

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