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Saya breaks their passionate kiss catching her breath, her hands still on his cheek. Xerxes stares at her hungrily, wanting more but decides he won't start anything so as to make her feel comfortable around him.

"How is he?" he asks looking at her little bump.

"I told you before that he could be a she," she responds smiling at him. "But he is definitely a he because I put him there."

Saya blushes, embarrassed at what Xerxes said. "My Lord how could you say that so casually?" she looks away fighting this inner shy demon tormenting her.

"I thought we were passed you addressing me like that?" Ever since the incident, Saya didn't address him by his name or "My Love" anymore. She felt she was not worthy of doing so anymore.

"Another man touched me, I am not worthy of-"

"Don't say such nonsense, Saya. I am your first and will be your only. Don't think less of yourself because of those horny bastards. They didn't succeed, even if they had gone through with it, you will still be worthy of anything and everything, because you deserve it. Do you understand me? "

Saya nods tears leaving her eyes. This man had made her fall more in love with him if that's even possible. Her baby is so lucky to have him. He gently wipes her tears.

"Whenever you're ready to change the way you address me, I'll be waiting."
She nods looking at him, giving him a shy smile, wiping away her tears that refuse to stop coming out. Xerxes watches her carefully, but she turns his face to the food, shy that his eyes have been on her for a while. "Your food is getting cold"

Xerxes grabs the spoon and drags the tray closer. She had prepared rice that had seasoned carrots, peppers, corn, and peas, with finely chopped bite-sized roasted meat. She carefully watched him take a spoon waiting for his reaction. Saya forgot that he doesn't react at all when he eats. He lifts the spoon to her mouth but she shakes her head.

"I'll eat later." Xerxes stares at her making no move to direct the spoon away so she opens her mouth, allowing him to feed her. Xerxes gives her a spoon every other time, till the meal is gone. He grabs his cup and pours water for her. She takes it, drinking up before he then pours for himself. After, he takes the bowl of fruits and holds it in between them, waiting for her to take first before he starts eating as well. When they're done, Saya turns to grab the tray but Xerxes stops her.

"The maids will get it. What do you want to do today?"

Saya is taken aback by his question. What does he mean by that? Doesn't he have kingly duties to attend to?

"My Lord I'll be fine, you can go attend to-"

"Is it because I'm not Peter?" he asks, frowning. What is he talking about? Peter is just her friend and his loyal comrade too! Let it not be he's jealous, it didn't end well the last time. But still, the thought of it causes a smile to creep up on her face.

"What amuses you?" he asks, still frowning, but confused. She shakes her head and tries to get up but he holds her down.

"I asked a question." Saya doesn't know how to phrase her question or statement to find out if he's jealous. She finally says, "My Lord, Peter is my friend and your loyal comrade, why did you bring him up all of a sudden?"

"That is not what amused you"
"You have to answer my question first so I'll be sure of what I'm thinking," she replies giggling. Xerxes is so confused but happy she is happy. He sighs, "You have been spending a lot of time with him, doing activities the past two months, why wouldn't I bring it up?"

Saya bursts out laughing, her head on one of his shoulder blades, trying to calm herself down. Xerxes tilts his head trying to understand what is so funny.

She raises her head to look at him when she has calmed down, tears in her eyes from laughing.

"My Lord, so you are jealous of your comrade?"

Xerxes groans closing his eyes. She giggles putting her arms around his neck, burying her head there. She loves this much.

"What do you want to do?" he asks again. Saya thinks for a minute. "We can go for a walk, and go to the garden afterward?"

"Okay." Saya gets up from his lap, Xerxes standing up behind her, both of them walking out of his chambers. They head down the stairs, walking out of the castle.

Maids and servants hide by the windows, some by doors just to see a sight they have never seen before! King Xerxes is taking a walk with one of his women. History has been made! While some of the maids are happy it's Lady Saya, some are happily jealous of her, while others are just pure envy.

"THE KING IS DOING WHAT?!" Oma yells standing up from her chair.

"Taking a walk with Lady Saya, My Lady," Sarah bows awaiting her tantrum.


Sarah heads for the door, Oma marching angrily right behind her. They get to a window where other maids are watching from.

"MOVE! ARE YOU WATCHING A WEDDING?!" she yells, causing them all to jump in shock and take a few steps back while Oma looks out the window. What Sarah said is true! Saya has the audacity to be with the king while she has a secret that could end her.

"This witch doesn't know when to stop!" she comments, venom lacing her tone. The maids behind her are glaring at her, some of them are internally laughing at her stupidity. If there's anyone that doesn't know when to stop it's her. How can she still carry herself with pride when she is practically making herself a fool every day in the palace? Everyone knows the king doesn't care about anything that happens to her, yet she's always following him around like a fly. Some maids are angry at Lady Oma. A woman this beautiful should not be wasting her time on a man that is not looking at her! There are a lot of nobles, and wealthy men in the Kingdom of Moore, for crying out loud there is his twin brother! She has better luck getting with him that loves women than Xerxes. The obvious is glaring at her yet she refuses to accept the truth. What a total waste.

Oma turns around, the snickers and giggling dying immediately, the maids bowing. She quickly turns on her heels down the stairs, Sarah following her immediately.

Saya and King Xerxes are walking, enjoying the peace and quiet.

"Have you ever taken a walk, My Lord?" Xerxes furrows his eyebrows, "If the training ground counts, then yes"

She giggles a bit walking on. "Why the sudden question?"

"I just see a lot of people staring at us from all corners, so I was thinking it's because you rarely take walks," she smiles.

"My Lord, Lady Saya," Oma says standing in front of them. Saya's smile immediately dies when she sees her.

"It is a beautiful day to be taking a walk. I suppose I should do so as well...who knows the secrets I will hear from anyone at any time" she says smiling devilishly at Saya, making her uneasy.

"I hope you're doing well Saya, I can see you're starting to show," she says looking at her tummy.

Saya's hand goes to her belly in reflex. "I'm fine, thank you," she replies with a tight smile.

"Well, I should be on my way," she says walking past them. Xerxes rolls his eyes but notices Saya's mood has changed.


She flinches immediately making him frown in concern. "Is something wrong?"

"N-no. Can we just skip the walk and go to the garden?" she asks, a bit anxious.

"What happened?" he steps closer to her.

"Nothing...I just changed my mind...please?" she asks, feeling her heart racing.

"...Fine, let's go." Saya can tell immediately that Xerxes knows something is wrong. She needs to get herself together, him finding out about her literacy is just going to start another drama she doesn't have the strength for.

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