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"OH BY THE GREAT HEAVENS! AAAHH!," Saya screams at the top of her lungs. The man outside rushes in immediately.

"She just collapsed and started shaking uncontrollably! Maybe it's poison!" Saya points at Nabir who is on the floor vibrating like a worm garnished with salt.

The guard bends down to take a closer look at Nabir. Saya immediately grabs the wooden tray on the table behind her and smashes it so hard on his head causing the helmet to jerk forward in an upward position. The impact makes the inner metal collide with his throat violently. Nabir looks up at him smashing her leg into his crotch making him yelp in pain, falling on his side. Saya helps Nabir stand up and they both run out of the room, nodding at each other before running in opposite directions.


"If we manage to escape, they believe I will run to the king so more will be waiting for me at your end than mine. Make sure to act as normal as possible when you pass through the third floor. Once you get on the stairs, scream with all your might to alert the king and his guards."

"What about you My Lady?" Nabir asks worried

"I know some stairs towards the back that look deserted. The last thing they will think about is to place some men by those stairs. Don't worry, just play your part well and we'll all be fine," Saya says, giving her hand a tight squeeze.


"My Lord where are you headed?" Lady Oma asks stopping Xerxes from exiting the throne room. He decided it is best for him to check on her himself just for peace of mind.

"Move Oma," Xerxes says, glaring at her.

"My Lord please don't make a scene here, especially during your brother's celebration"

How dare she speak to him in this manner? As he's just about to grab and shove her somewhere, a loud constant noise begins to catch people's attention. It seems like, a woman is screaming.

"Help! By the heavens help! Intruders, in the castle! Help!" Nabir yells this as she runs into the throne room coming face to face with King Xerxes.

"My Lord!" she says kneeling down before him out of breath.

"Where is Saya? What happened?!" he says in a murderous tone.

"She ran just like I did! I fear it is the resistance. A man came up to the room saying you requested to have My Lady come down for the celebrations."

"Where is she now!"

"She said she is familiar with some abandoned staircase behind the-"

Xerxes immediately storms out of the room heading west down the hall, guards following him. "Don't follow me you bastards search the entire castle for her! Celebrations are over, let everyone leave!"

"Please leave the throne room, the celebrations have been postponed," a guard announces.

People immediately leave, but the cries of Saya's mother are heard, she is hitting a guard as hard as she can "Where is my daughter! What have you done to her?!" she weeps.

"I suggest you leave at the moment till we have everything under control"

"What is the meaning of this? My daughter is nowhere to be found and you tell us to leave?" King Jerob of Laine is anxious.

"Please, if you would follow orders immediately, then we can get back to looking for your daughter," the man explains.

King Jerob escorts his wife out of the castle where everyone is gathered, by the gardens.

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