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Saya wakes up feeling the king's breath fanning her forehead. She hears his heartbeat and feels the rise and fall of his chest. That's when she notices her head and hand are on the king's chest! She mentally panics but it doesn't last, she actually feels...relaxed listening to his heartbeat. She honestly can't believe the king is okay with her being pregnant. It feels like a dream. She's pregnant for the man she cares deeply about.

"You're up," he whispers. How did he know? She made sure to be extra quiet! She looks up and sees his eyes are still closed. He looks handsome all the time. She can't help but peck his lips. He opens his eyes immediately staring at her surprised. She gives him a shy smile and moves to get off the bed, but Xerxes sits up and pulls her onto his lap claiming her lips. Saya gasps but responds to his kiss. He breaks it and looks down at her belly.

"How is he?"

"What if 'he' is a 'she'?" Saya smiles

"'She' is a 'he'" he says, and for a split second, anyone would've missed it, but not Saya. The king smiled.

"Did you just, you just smiled at me" Saya says looking at him. He groans and lifts her off of him heading over to freshen up. She giggles as she watches him head behind the divider. She grabs a chewing stick by the dresser.

"Come here," he says, after a few minutes

"No, I'll wait for you to finish," Saya replies, dropping the chewing stick in the trash.

She turns around to see the king standing in front of her. She accidentally trips on her feet out of shock but Xerxes catches her immediately lifting her up, and taking her to the bath. He drops her in front of the tub and lifts her nightgown from behind. Saya, a blushing mess, lifts her hands as he pulls it over her head. He kisses her shoulder pulling her against him. Saya frees herself from his grip and enters the tub. "The water will get cold"

That's not a lie, but for some reason, she was too shy standing against him, Xerxes enters as well. She sits in the tub, gently splashing water on herself. But yet again, the king pulls her to him, this time straddling his lap. She releases a low moan when she feels it, she feels him. He leans into her grabbing her waist and hoisting her on his hard shaft, another moan escaping her mouth. She puts her hands on his shoulders to balance herself. "You made me wait for so long," he whispers in her ear causing her to shiver.

He starts moving his hips, his shaft making Saya moan in pleasure. He then claims her nipple making her cry out. He notices that they've become more...tender; he loves it. He plays with her second nipple claiming that one after. Saya moves against him too, her hand in his hair. She loves the feeling of him against her skin. The king moves faster rubbing her little button feeling both of them getting closer, he can't get enough of this woman. "Yes...ngh please," she says enjoying his hand and his shaft.

Hearing her voice, he grunts making her come, and him shortly after. She struggles to control her breathing as she comes down from her high. Xerxes kisses her cheeks and shoulders to calm her down, and relax. After a minute she gets off, making him frown. He wasn't done. "You know I need to rest after yesterday," she tells him. Her face, turning sad, just remembering what happened.

"Saya I'm sorry," he says genuinely.

"You don't need to apologize, I lied to you" she replies climbing out of the tub. She'll probably go to the stream to bathe later. She can't help but recall the events of last night. As she dries herself she is suddenly grabbed by her arm and spun 180 degrees to face Xerxes.

"Stop telling me to not apologize every time"

"Why would you? A king should not-"

"Enough about this king shit. You say this all the time. I hurt you and I feel guilty about it-"

"Why?! Why are you feeling guilty for exercising your rights?"

"BECAUSE I CARE ABOUT YOU!" he yells startling Saya. He...what? He cares about her?

"It feels like I'm about to go insane when I can't find you, or when I see you cry"

"Then why were you bent on killing Nabir despite my pleading, and begging? I was on my knees begging!"

"You were not telling me the truth. You were distressed and not knowing the cause was eating me up"

"You were the cause!" These hormones are giving Saya another level of courage that is shocking.

"That's why I am sorry Saya," taking her hands in his he kisses them, pulling her into a hug. "I am sorry."

A tear escapes her eyes. She nods against his chest. "I know you are, I forgive you." Xerxes breaks the hug and wipes the tear that had escaped. He kisses her cheek and her forehead hugging her again.


Oma is in her chambers getting ready for the celebration today. "Are you sure that is what the king is wearing today?" she asks looking at her maid, Sarah.

"Yes My Lady. One of the maids that cleaned his chambers informed me of the red outfit that had been laid out"

"Good, because if I escort him and he's wearing any other color you'll be the one to blame. I have suffered enough embarrassment as it is, that rat really is something. No matter, the king will still get tired of her, and come back to me, he always does."

Sarah combs her hair while thinking about how foolish Lady Oma must be. If she hasn't noticed, the king is fond of Lady Saya, the king is never fond of anyone! It's probably the fact that Lady Oma doesn't want to admit that the king only used her to relieve himself. That is the only reason he came to her chambers! Outside of that he never looked for her if she went out, he didn't even notice, no he probably did, he notices everything, he just didn't care.

Why? because Lady Oma is a noise generator, mother of complaints, raiser of hell, queen of stupidity. When she goes out, all her maids are at ease. Someone needs to tell her that her time as the king's woman is coming to an end.

The maid clears her throat "Lady Oma, I heard that Lady Saya is pregnant"

"Where did you hear that?"

"From one of the maids. She found out from her lover who is one of the dungeon guards." Oma chuckles, it seems Saya will be leaving earlier than she thought.

"That means I need to be the one to tell the king, just to strengthen the trust between us"


"My Lady...the king knows," Sarah says pinning up her hair. Oma turns around causing her hair to fall back down. That took a while to put up, she could have just waited for her to finish pinning it!

"And? What happened?" anger in her tone

"Nothing, she's still here. She even slept in the king's chambers last night"

"That's impossible! The king doesn't want children, that's why he sent Cordelia away!"

"Cordelia had a lover, My Lady, she was unfaithful"
"IT DOESN'T MATTER!" she yells, causing Sarah to flinch.

"I know what you're doing, you want me to leave the king"

"My Lady in all honesty he is fond of Lady Saya"

Oma chuckles. She can't believe the nerve of this wrench! "You want him don't you?"

"Pardon? My Lady, it's not like that-"


Sarah runs out of the room immediately leaving Oma boiling. This is not possible! If Lady Saya is pregnant that means she should be banished, she needs to leave so that it'll be just her and the king...she has to go!

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