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So we gathered our three female leads for an interview, to get to know more about them and what went on in their stories. This interview was conducted by Sellyfronce, so as to resolve some unanswered questions. Let's begin!

Sellyfronce: Thank you for agreeing to meet with me.

Adelaide: It's our pleasure 😊

Sellyfronce: First question! What was the first thing that came to mind when you first locked eyes with your partner?

Saya: Definitely Handsome...manwhore as well. Don't tell him I said that part😬 *chuckles*

Laila: Handsome...he's a very handsome man😊

Adelaide: Honestly...I just thought...I'm about to die 😂

Ladies: *All laugh*

Saya: I can't imagine that

Adelaide: Don't even try, it was terrifying 😅

Sellyfronce: What is something you wish you can change about your story?

Adelaide: That my husband's parents were more accepting of me. Then he wouldn't have lost the only family he had. He wouldn't have given up on his kingdom.

Saya: *takes deep breath* I wish my family didn't die on me...all at that time especially. I had hoped that because my sisters were not close by, that they would survive. But word travelled very quickly. As soon as they heard I was in the kingdom, they came...but I couldn't last time. *sniffles* sorry.

Sellyfronce: It's okay! Take your time.

Laila, and Adelaide, pat and rub her back.

Saya: In my story it looked like I moved on fairly quickly, but I didn't. It took me years to accept it, and move on with my life, because my children need me. If I dwelled on the past, I'd neglect them, I didn't want to do that.

Laila: Hmmm mine would sister giving up on life. I understand that she was the villain, but the memories of when we were children, and how she would take care of me...I couldn't let that go, despite everything she did.

Sellyfronce: This brings me to my next question. Princess Saya, everyone seems to blame you for what happened when Oma came and hypnotized your husband?

Saya: *chuckles* Yes! To be honest, if I were given the option, I would save her again at that banquet. People didn't see what I saw in her. Oma was a woman who just wanted to be better than what people saw her as. At that time, the only better thing was being the Queen.

Laila: *nods* If people read my story, they will see that all Oma wanted to do was to escape this destiny of being the next witch, but...people broke her, and to become better and prove that she could escape destiny...she sought after the crown.

Saya: I needed my husband to understand why literacy in women was important. Saving Oma reinforced my idea. Imagine allowing him to kill Oma, and then say, "You should abolish tradition." Any sane man would say, "Oma and her maid were just bad fruits, no one else would turn out that way." Keeping them alive kept the memories of what happened, fresh in his mind, it made him more open to understanding. I bet if he had killed them, whatever I would say right after wouldn't register like it did in my story.

Sellyfronce: So you believe if the tradition of literacy concerning women had never been put in place, Oma wouldn't have turned out the way she did?

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