Chapter Twenty-two

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Chapter Twenty-two

You become obsessed with the number you see.

Luke didn't realise it but whenever he first stepped on the scale he became addicted. He just wanted to see the number drop and get lower and lower.

Which was exactly what happened and he always wanted. However, now it was increasing rapidly. He was gaining weight a lot quicker than he lost it and that scared Luke. It scared Luke a lot.

"Can Ashton come in with me?" the blonde muttered, his cold hand intertwined in the curly haired boys. He looked up at Alex with begging eyes.

"Of course, if that's what it'll take to get you on the scale," he agreed whilst the three stood outside the room in which the scale was in.

They were waiting for Ian, who had only just found out that Luke wanted and needed a weigh in. This was the second time Luke had not been weighed on the correct day likewise only the fourth time he had been weighed out of his seven weeks of being here.

"Thank you," Luke smiled, this time looking at Ashton who squeezed his boyfriend's hand nervously.

He honestly wasn't sure why he was so nervous, possibly because this was a huge part of Luke's life and he was sort of invading the little privacy he had.

"Are you sure you want me to join you?" the curly haired boy double checked not wanting the blonde to get all insecure on him. "I don't want you to feel uncomfortable."

"You make me more confident," Luke admitted then sighed. "I struggle to find the courage to step on the scale. It scares me that I have gained weight which I honestly don't want to. I hate my body but you help me realise that I have some distorted image in my head and that in reality I actually am unhealthy and at risk."

Giving the blondes a supportive squeeze Ashton couldn't find it within himself to look at himself. Most likely due to the fact, his eyes were slightly glistening with tears.

It made Ashton feel somewhat special that he could make someone feel this way. That he was actually saving someone.

Luke pouted slightly at his boyfriends non-verbal reply. Yet he understood that sometimes a simple gesture was all it took to say that it was okay.

Looking over at his therapist the blonde then admitted. "Thanks too." He had no idea how hard it must be for Alex to go through this day after day. Patient after patient. It must drive him crazy.

"That's alright Luke. You're my patient and it is my duty to help you," the grey haired man smiled. He felt a pang of happiness hit him. Never had patient thanked him for his help. He has usually had nasty words and gestures thrown his way.

Well, he did have the patients who were the most mischievous. Luke was not technically signed to him. Alex didn't do anorexic patients. Hence why Luke had the manners to actually thank the therapist. He was not a bad person.

"I know," the blonde muttered. "I just think you need to hear it because let's face it, I've been hard work. And it's incredible that you've given up your life to help people like me who are not always so grateful for it."

Gulping slightly, from where he was standing he placed a supportive arm around the younger boys shoulder.

Closing his eyes, trying not to let a tear escape his tear duct, he inhaled a deep breath. There was so much he wanted to say to Luke. Yet it was not necessary or right in some sense. So he stuck with. "Let's just hope you're not so much trouble from now on then," he chuckled.

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