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|Black-Eyed Vampires| Ashton-Centric✔️ by Olivia5Hemmings
|Black-Eyed Vampires| 💎
Where Ashton has been followed by three strange creatures since he was a child and all they want is him. |EDITING|
Princess ☆ muke by colourfulhood
Princess ☆ mukeby J
The one where michaels 20 year old brother makes a new friend and 15 year old michael is completely infatuated.
Ease [Cashton/Muke] by Grace_Williams_
Ease [Cashton/Muke]by Grace Williams
In a world where everyone was a dominant or a submissive and everyone had an assigned soulmate, Ashton was remarkably unsure of himself. Nothing is going as he planned a...
nicknames//muke by mukeuleles
nicknames//mukeby :)
"You spelled my name wrong." "I know."
Dummy (Cashton) ✔️ by tinybirdfriend
Dummy (Cashton) ✔️by alien dude
Dummy: 1.) lacking intelligence or good judgement; stupid; dull-witted ----Calum is dummy for falling love. 2.) australian slang for a baby's pacifier ----Asht...
Fragile- Cashton by MukeClxmmings123
Fragile- Cashtonby MukeClxmmings123
Calum was fragile. Only few knew why, only few cared- well, that's what he thought.
Triple Threat [Malum/Cashton/Cake AU] by lukeslyrics
Triple Threat [Malum/Cashton/ Liv
Calum is a fuckboy and teaches Michael, Ashton, and Luke how to have sex.
Kitten ✔  by Lukeisgirly_muke
Kitten ✔ by Theoni
"I'm not watching your gay cat." "Lucas, I swear." ~~~ copyright lukeisgirly_muke Cover @ smilirose
#cashton » cth + afi by cthandafi
#cashton » cth + afiby 𝕔𝕒𝕤𝕙𝕥𝕠𝕟
#Cashton is trending, but why? They made a mistake.
Behind Bars ☯ cashton by jianyixx
Behind Bars ☯ cashtonby ellie
Calum lands himself in prison Ashton is the warden's son The perfect example of the good and the bad. When Ashton goes down to the prison to explore the cells he stumbl...
cereal: cashton by flmukugekii
cereal: cashtonby 聡
a cashton one-shotty book where ashton bottoms and calum tops. (cashton) (this book is just for laughs, please don't take this one seriously!) (please vote my desperate...
Jock [Cashton] by leosykess
Jock [Cashton]by fen
Where Ashton 'the nerd' thinks he's messaging Michael on a new app but winds up messaging Calum 'the Jock' instead. ©leosykess
pretty boy ; malum by Basorexic
pretty boy ; malumby STAY ALIVE
"Here's the kicker - I ain't fuckin' gay." In which Calum's manager proposes a relationship so the media deem him more desirable when charges of assault are l...
5sos boyxboy one shots by CaptianKat
5sos boyxboy one shotsby CaptianKat
Gay 5sos oneshots because het oneshots are boring k bye
{5SOS One-Shots} by authoraubs
{5SOS One-Shots}by •* . ⋆。˚
5sos one shots by yours truly. All the feels, all the hots, all the seconds of summer. COVER BY THE MAGNIFICENT @QUEERFORD 💞💝💓💗💕💘 [💖REQUESTS OPEN💖] [HIGHEST RANK...
5SOS Smut // boyxboy by 5secsofpxnic
5SOS Smut // boyxboyby dead
muke lashton malum cashton cake mashton boy x boy smut
|Ashton-Centric| Oneshots| by Olivia5Hemmings
|Ashton-Centric| Oneshots|by 💎
A book centered around our favorite little ball of sunshine because why shouldn't the world revolve around Ashton? Bottom!Ashton All the stuff in here was written by...
5SOS Gay Smuts by smut_n_shit
5SOS Gay Smutsby *nat*
BoyxBoy Smut *Muke* *Cake* *Lashton* *Malum* *Mashton* *Cashton* requests are open and appreciated