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The Load {Lashton AU} ✔️ by dancinginthestreet
The Load {Lashton AU} ✔️by ali
"Just as we develop our physical muscles through overcoming opposition - such as lifting weights - we develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adv...
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I Love You a Latte! by reylofics
I Love You a Latte!by reylofics
A story where Luke Hemmings texts random puns to strangers over Kik. One day, that stranger happens to be Ashton Irwin and the rest is history.
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Two Friends Ten Kinks || Lashton by Sophwrites72
Two Friends Ten Kinks || Lashtonby Sophia
(Lashton x Malum) In which two innocent virgin friends find out how kinky they really are after a night of watching porn. And so what if they want to try some kinks? No...
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I Cant Cope by All_Time_Fall_Out01
I Cant Copeby All_Time_Fall_Out01
Luke Hemmings gets kidnapped after storming out on a fight he had with his boyfriend Ashton Irwin. what will the boys of 5SOS do without their penguin loving, Lukey?
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Internship ⌤ Lashton ✓ by CRazyMofo137
Internship ⌤ Lashton ✓by 🌧
[complete] The fluttering of a camera shutter and the fluttering of butterflies in your stomach are two separate things. Where Ashton is a photographer who happens to ge...
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By Your Side ☇ Lashton by CRazyMofo137
By Your Side ☇ Lashtonby 🌧
Luke is always by Ashton's side. |side malum and cashton| Highest ranks! #2 in malum
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Locked Door / Lashton  by addiictedtomuke
Locked Door / Lashton by Tiana :-)
"I worry about you, Luke, all you do is sit behind that locked door." cover done by me
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7 Minutes In Heaven // Lashton by 1D_HarryStyles_1D
7 Minutes In Heaven // Lashtonby Bri
{Started: June 10, 2015} {Ended: December 12, 2015} "Who wants to play?" Ashton is a very dedicated party-goer, being at one each weekend. It's literally his l...
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Good Boy (Lashton) by lashtongiggles
Good Boy (Lashton)by kaetlyn
Luke is a nerdy straight A student by day, but when night comes he looses the nerd act and turns into his real self. *Completed!*
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The Fraternity Experience // Lashton AU by loverofwhine
The Fraternity Experience // nush :)
the events of one college party where luke and ashton meet
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It's Just A PR Stunt. Right? by lukcirwin
It's Just A PR Stunt. Right?by Do you have any idea how many...
Two different bands, Four different boys, One stunt to change it all. *Has only been edited and revised up to Chapter 10*
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fake :: ot4  by carboncalum
fake :: ot4 by i n a c t i v e
in which calum and luke forced to date for publicity and things don't go the way management planned. m.c x a.i x l.h x c.h
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Lyle ⤸ Lashton ✓  by CRazyMofo137
Lyle ⤸ Lashton ✓ by 🌧
[complete] "Oh, you're a single father?" "Is that a deal breaker?" "Not at all." highest rank! : #1 in lashton
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|Black-Eyed Vampires| Ashton-Centric✔️ by Olivia5Hemmings
|Black-Eyed Vampires| 💎
Where Ashton has been followed by three strange creatures since he was a child and all they want is him. |EDITING|
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Popstar - Lashton by -Night-Stalker-
Popstar - Lashtonby 𝓯𝓾𝓮𝓰𝓸 𝓹𝓪𝓹𝓲
Luke didn't need a fake boyfriend. He had some problems, every celebrity had some problems. Drug, sex and alcohol was Luke's getaway, but there was nothing wrong with it...
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oreo // lashton by xxx17-
oreo // lashtonby j
5 Seconds of Summer & One Direction -crossover- Multiple Ships. warnings: triggering. anorexia, self-harm, depression, bullying, swearing. Disclaimer: I do not own anyo...
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The Ropes ⤞ Lashton by CRazyMofo137
The Ropes ⤞ Lashtonby 🌧
"I want to be a great Dad one day. Care to show me the ropes?" Where Luke wants to be a good Dad one day, but needs a little help
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Two Sides Of Irwin by SeasonalTaekook
Two Sides Of Irwinby Serendipity V
Ashton Irwin is a happy guy who always makes people laugh, Or at least, that's what everyone thinks he is. He is secretly depressed, but he doesn't want to make everyone...
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(F)lawless [lashton] by high_priest
(F)lawless [lashton]by tripping anarchist
"Have some compassion, will you?" "Shut the fuck up, Hemmings. You're not getting my smokes." Where Luke's fairly certain he can get bad boy Ashton I...
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Wasting All These Tears (lashton) by parawhorre
Wasting All These Tears (lashton)by Sod
Where Ashton Irwin is a boy who's only looking for love, and Luke Hemmings is just a boy looking for fun. His fun lately has been breaking the poor boys heart. TW: Toxic...
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