Special chapter

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Years after......

"Yah! Chewy! Wake up!" A tiny voice echoed in Tzuyu's ear.

She shifted, brought a pillow to her ear and mumbled "Five more minutes Jupiter."

The little girl stomped her foot, pursed her lip, she puts down the dark brown Pomeranian Husky she was holding. "Sorry cutie, I need to wake up my Chewy first because Mommy squirrel wants us down for breakfast, wait here okay?"

Jupiter pouts as she watched Tzuyu sleep. The three year old girl scratched her nape, which was a habit she got from the younger surgeon. She climbed the bed crawled near her sleeping Chewy.

"Chewy wake uppp" The child cutely said laying on top of Tzuyu's body, shaking the grey haired surgeon continuously.

"Ugh!" Tzuyu complained, throwing the pillow and hugging Jupiter instead.

"Let's sleep some more." She laughed, locking her arms to the child's little frame.

"No Chewy! Squirrel will get mad at us." The girl sat up, pulling Tzuyu's arm.

"The food will get cold and Kuma and gucci's starving too." Jupiter sadly remarked pointing at their dog.

Tzuyu sighed, she stood up, stretched her arms and fixed her messy hair. There was no way she could resist this cute child which so much resembled like Sana. Little Sana, if she may say.

"Okay little one, wait for me here I'll just brush my teeth and we'll go down stairs." She smiled which made Jupiter's face lit up.

"Yay! Can I be the one to feed Gucci and Kuma?" She asked her Chewy pleading.

Tzuyu felt like her heart was struck that it hurts too good. Jupiter looked like an angel sent from above, she's beautiful. "Of course baby, you'll feed them when I get back arasso?"

Jupiter nodded and clapped her hand in joy. She hopped all at once, down the bed to grab Kuma in her arms again while Tzuyu went to the bathroom.

"Bacon smells so good!" Jupi grinned as Tzuyu placed the child on her seat.

"You want that?" Tzuyu asked placing a sloppy kiss to the child's cheek.

"Yes!" Jupiter squealed in which the younger surgeon chuckled.

"Squirrel will definitely give you some. Right love?" Tzuyu back-hugged the raven haired. She placed her chin on top Sana's shoulder and inhaled her scent "Good morning" She whispered, then stole a kiss on Sana's lips.

The other laughed but smiled widely, she slightly pulled away from Tzuyu and jokingly slapped her face "You stink Chewy, go take a shower."

Tzuyu pouts "You're mean. What do we have for breakfast?" She asked, peeking into the food Sana prepared.

"I made kimchi fried rice, bacon and eggs." Sana retorted, then snaked her one arm to Tzuyu's waist, tiptoed quickly and returned a kiss to the younger surgeon. "Did Jupiter tell you she wanted milk?"

Tzuyu draped her arm on Sana's shoulder too and shook her head " No, she wants bacon."

With that, the two looked at their child patiently waiting for the food to be given to her.

Sana chuckled "Aww. Look how cute she is!"

"I know. She looked exactly like you. Her eyes speaks so much." Tzuyu added. She grabbed a plate nearby and asked her wife to go on and put the food she cooked. "She forgot about Gucci and Kuma when she smelled the bacon" Tzuyu laughed.

"Then please be the one to feed Gucci and Kuma love?"

"Yes, I got them." The younger answered as Sana handed Jupiter' plate to her.

"I'll give this to our cutest baby first."

"Don't forget to put her bib love." Sana reminded Tzuyu.

"Arasso. You should start to eat too, then prepare my breakfast. When I get back its my turn." The grey haired surgeon evilly smiled in which Sana curiously asked "What? I'm done cooking."

Tzuyu kissed Sana's nose and whispered "I need my breakfast."

"Tzuyu I don't get you."

The younger lifted her hand and tucked her wife's hair behind her ear "Thought my breakfast would be you, I got too excited sorry."

Sana's eyes grew big and then, she slapped Tzuyu's arm worried that Jupiter heard what she had said.

"Pervert!" She glared at Tzuyu.

The younger's laughter echoed and erupted to their kitchen. "Don't even deny you don't want me, you are completely blushing."

"Arg! I can't believe you!" Sana shouted in distress.

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