Chapter 31

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Sana stood there, watching the gray haired woman she longed to see for years walk away from her the second time around.

Her breathing uneasy and legs wobbling in an unexplainable feeling. It felt surreal to see Tzuyu again yet the storm in the younger one's eyes made Sana somehow regret what she did. Tzuyu obviously turned cold and it was sadly her doing.

The surgeon shut her eyes closed and exasperatedly sighed. She needs to grab a hold of herself though she truly wanted to chase Tzuyu. She badly felt the urge to grab the young one by the neck and kiss her hungrily. What in the world was she thinking??

"I am completely out of my mind!" Sana sneered at herself. Despite Tzuyu's unwelcoming persona, her heart still beating uncontrollably fast.

Tzuyu clearly set her mind and heart in chaos. As she stood meters away from the event hall's door Sana made up her mind to leave and forget that she wanted to reach out and kiss Tzuyu's lips minutes ago. She did not know what happened to her words back then that she'll accept what Tzuyu could offer, even a mere friendship.

Her words evaporated like thin air.

Though Sana brought her feet to leave Deojun and head home she was still hoping her fate would let her and Tzuyu meet again.

"Yah! Minatozaki Sana! Why were you not answering your phone? We thought you passed out!" Jihyo yelled as soon as the surgeon answered the call.

"I was driving Jihyo, sorry." Sana tiredly replied in which the three annoying friends of her eyed each other suspiciously. There must be a reason why Sana left the event early and the idea that crossed their minds was exactly the same.

"Is this about Tzuyu?" Tae interjected.

"No Tae, this isn't about her." She lied.

"Don't you lie to us, we know you too well girl." Seolhyun teased.

Sana rolled her eyes then sighed, yeah right she can never lie to them. "She came and we just met."

"Oh shit." Seolhyun mumbled.

"What happened??" Jihyo excitedly asked.

Silence. Its like the other line ended the call but Sana didn't, she just don't feel like spilling what just happened. First, because what she asked Tzuyu was so embarrassing, of course the young one hates her how dare her ask.

"Give me the phone." She heard Tae speak.

"I'm dropping the call. You should rest and we understand if you don't want to talk about it now. But if ever you are ready we are always ready to listen. I missed you Sana." Taehyung uttered.

"I know, I'm sorry. Maybe I will tomorrow. Welcome home Tae, I missed you too." Sana whispered before the call ended.

While the cat eyed surgeon drove her way home, Tzuyu was entertaining questions from people she barely knew. She was getting impatient along with the fact that stupid Bambam happened to encounter the person she wished to avoid. Hence, they did meet, but she was so in-denial to admit that Sana still had an effect on her.

She just acted like nothing ever happened between them, like she didn't care for Sana years ago. Though the truth was that the raven haired surgeon made her nervous too. She couldn't believe she came face to face with her. Maybe it was too much for her to take. She couldn't stand her presence and Sana's undeniably beautiful face and body. The last thing she wanted to do that night was Sana being close to her, so to avoid the older surgeon, she left her without further adeu.

However, Tzuyu's mind kept on bugging her. She finds Sana blooming, a lot more mature and definitely sexy with all the right curves she got. She's drawn to her again, the mere thought irritates her.

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