Chapter 29

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"Sometimes it is easier to let go than to hold on."

Sana stared at the painted canvas she bought a year ago. Well, she was never fond with paintings that has meaningful quotes on it but there was something about that specific thing that caught her attention. Aside from the city lights as the background of the painting the quotation written on it struck her, she can very much relate to it. But never in a good way though.

The day she let Tzuyu go was vividly marked in her head. Sana could reminisce the pain she had to go through. After that day she expected the next days to be a lot harder, given that the blonde literally walked out of her life. But Sana didn't predict the fact that she'll miss Tzuyu so much. She didn't realize sooner that the blonde became her world, so when Tzuyu disappeared with the choice she made, everything for Sana fell apart. In just a snap, it seemed like there was no reason for her to live, to wake up and to breath.

When she learned Tzuyu resigned at Deojun she started to blame herself and lock herself in her dark room. Those days all Sana would do in her room was to cry and shout the pain away until her tears and voice no longer exist. Then at night before Jihyo and Seolhyun barge in her room and force her to eat she'll find herself staring at her window, gazing at the stars above and asking herself if the choice she made was right because if it is then why does it hurts so much?

"Hey, are you sure you're alright? If there is something bothering you I'll stay for a little while to sort that thing out bud." Seolhyun asked concerned, she exited from Sana's bathroom door after she peed and found the surgeon contemplating.

"I am clearly not Hyunnie." Sana responded nonchalantly. She continued to stare at the canvas then afterwards stood up to get something from her drawer.

"Look Sana, it was not my intention to bring back the days you tried hard to forget. But I think it is best if you knew about her coming back." The nurse explained as she neared Sana. She watched the surgeon open a small rectangular box that revealed a golden heart pendant which registered quickly in her mind. It was a gift from Tzuyu five years ago, it symbolizes the love the two had for each other.

Tears welled on Sana's eyes again. She held the pendant in her hand and brought it to her lips to kiss. "It stayed the same, exactly like five years ago."

Seolhyun worriedly rushed to hug her friend and told her its okay vent out the pain. "For years we tried not to mention her name hoping that it will at-least help you recover but I guess it didn't count at all. I'm sorry for that Sana." The nurse sighed and looked at the surgeon apologetically "I did communicate with Tzuyu for the past years. Yet, I assumed you not knowing where in the world she was can stop the pain you both battled."

Sana looked shocked and weak, she doesn't know what to say. All this time Seolhyun knew where Tzuyu was and how the blonde was doing. But then she has no right to be mad with Seolhyun, she knew her friend always cared for her. In some ways she understood where Seolhyun was coming from.

"I'm really sorry Sana, I know it's too much but that's the truth." The head nurse added as she flashed a sad smile.

Sana wiped her tears away and sniffed. "You don't have to be sorry Hyunnie, I understand. The three of you always look after me and thinks what's best for me. I'm grateful for that."

Seolhyun moved to hug the surgeon once again. "We are always here for you bud, whatever happens."

"I know, though I'm not that lucky with how these past years went through I think I'm fortunate enough because I found you three."

If there's one thing Sana learned from the past years, it was also treasuring friendship. The relationship she have with Tae, Jihyo and Seolhyun was so beautiful. It was something very hard to find but the Lord granted her not just one but three.

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