Chapter 11

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Tzuyu's POV

I came back holding two cups of ramyeon and two cartons of chocomilk in hand.

Sunbae was sitting at our table watching people pass by. The busy street of Jinhae-gu seemed to capture her attention.

"Here." I placed the one cup of ramyeon in front of her. Then, I sat to a chair opposite hers.

The doctor removed the lid of the cup, picked up her chopsticks and stirred the ramyeon.

"Careful it's hot." I reminded her before I opened mine and started to eat.

Sana was looking so cute, indulged in her cup of ramyeon. I find myself adoring her, like an idiot.

"Don't stare, you're making me uncomfortable." She said.

I snapped and mumbled 'sorry'. But I can't help to smile still. What are you doing to me sunbae?

A few minutes later Sana muttered that she's done and she'll go first. I shook my head grabbed the carton of chocomilk, opened the wrapper of the straw with my teeth and handed it to her.

"I'm not a kid." She said, her eyes growing fierce again.

"But you are, to me." I whispered.
Sana did not hear it clear "What?" She asked. I just smiled and put the carton on the table near her.

"I said try it. It's good that's my favourite."

The doctor's brow arched. "I said I don't want to Chou."

I continued to eat and did not mind her whims. Sana stommped her foot and stood up.

I reached for her wrist the second time today and forced her to sit again.

"If you will not drink then we will not leave." I composed.

I loosened my grip on her wrist and gestured her the object on the table.

"Now will you?" Pertaining to the drink.

She glared at me, in anger. "Are you thinking I would let you go back alone? Then you are completely wrong sunbae."

I finished the last contents of my cup while Sana was left with no choice but to chug down her carton of chocomilk.


Tzuyu held Sana by the hand when the latter puts down the empty carton of chocomilk in the table.

The intern fervently tugged Sana trailing away from the convenience store.

"I already had enough of your dragging." The doctor furiously unclasped her hands from Tzuyu's tight grip.

The two stopped. Faced each other. They were arguing in the middle of a chilly night at the street of Jinhae-gu.

Sana crossed her arms and threw dagger looks at the young intern. She can't believe she let herself be fooled again by this annoying creature in front her. The doctor was mentally blaming Tzuyu's brown round eyes pulling her close to the young one and taking all her inhibitions just to stay near.

Tzuyu on the other hand doesn't know what's going on in Sana's mind. She's just intently looking at the doctor with piercing eyes, about to burst out in madness.

"I miss arguing with you. I miss you." Tzuyu blurted out.

She moved closer to Sana, pulled down the doctor's hood covering her face.

"I thought you'll forever ignore me." Tzuyu added with her straight face eager to see her sunbae's reaction.

Sana averted her gaze from the young intern. Her cheeks turning pink, blushing in an instant.

Sana and Tzuyu's proximity did not do any good. Both felt like their hearts would rip its cage just to get out.

The doctor felt her cheeks burning, she face palmed and gasped. She needs air that's for sure.

"Don't act cute sunbae." Tzuyu ruffled Sana'a hair whose legs where completely wobbling.

The doctor swatted the interns hand and eyed Tzuyu murderously. With that the young intern erupted into a huge laugh because of the overflowing cuteness Sama has.

"Stop laughing! Stop it Tzuyu!" Sana shouted bashing Tzuyu's left arm.

"Arasso." Tzuyu replied trying to get a hold of her laugh.

"Pfftttt!" But she just can't stop herself still.

Sana bashed Tzuyu's arm continuously just for the intern to stop laughing and teasing her.

"Okay okay!" Tzuyu held Sana's hand to stop the latter from swatting her arm.

"Just stop being so cute." The intern added then pinched Sana's dumpling cheeks.

Again, the doctor's mouth went agape. Why on Earth did she met this crazy, annoying, conceited intern? And why the hell can't she resist this woman with attractive round orbs?

Tzuyu puts her arm on Sana's shoulder forcing the doctor to walk beside her.

"Let's go back now." The young one said mischievously.

"And by the way sunbae I like it when you call me by my first name, sounds better." Tzuyu added wiggling her brows to Sana whose eyes will dilate any moment.

Sana shivered she knew that there was something about Tzuyu. She knew that from this day forward her walls will tremble into pieces. And there is nothing she can do.


The vivid city lights illuminated glimmer and contentment in Tzuyu and Sana's eyes. The doctor who was protesting a while ago hushed, caught in the moment.

Tzuyu accompanied Sana all the way to their hotel. The intern stood by the doctor's door as they reached it.

Sana rummaged through her bag, picked up her key card and swiped it to unlock her room.

"Are you not inviting me inside? Or at least kiss me goodnight?" Tzuyu asked teasing the doctor.

Sana uninterestedly turned to face Tzuyu. "Why would I? Go now." She commanded.

Tzuyu pouted and flashed her sad eyes. "Pshh. As if you didn't blushed minutes ago."

Sana rolled her eyes, the intern's being cheeky. She lightly pushed Tzuyu by the chest shooing the young one.

"Whatever you say Chou. Might as well leave." She said sneering.

To Sana's surprise Tzuyu was not swayed even in a slightest bit with her remark.

The intern leaned in close to her and mumbled "You'll miss me, you'll see...And you better call me by my first name."

Tzuyu winked at her after, the doctor's eyes widened and the only response she did to ease her feverish beating heart was to flick her fingers through the intern's forehead.

"Ouch!" Tzuyu complained moving away from her sunbae. She glared at the doctor.

"Go to your room! Goodnight!" Sana whimpered. Then quickly got in her room before Tzuyu can stop her. As she closed her door she felt her heart erratically beating.

Sana positioned her hand on top her chest and tried to calm down. She's going crazy! And the main reason behind it was a particular blonde intern smiling widely outside Sana's hotel room.

Tzuyu was chuckling because she thinks it will not be long enough before the doctor realize that she's actually falling for the intern's undeniable charm.

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