Chapter 27

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The end of life.

Death is inevitable.

No one can escape or evade.

Death is permanent.

It is the only thing certain in life.

We fear Death more than anything .

Slowly Sana began to realize what Death truly meant. She thought that people feared death not because they are afraid to die but because they cannot comprehend the fear of leaving behind the people they love most and the fear of inflicting pain to them.

Not only that. When your time comes, there is nothing much you can do but to wonder where do souls truly go?

"Death may be filled with fear or peace. As I go I want you to know that I prefer the latter." The old man chuckled, almost out of breath. The chairman aged so much, dark circles under his eyes, pale skin and thin white hair. The man he was before slowly vanished. He gently held his daughter's hand, brushed his thumb to the young lady's. "I'm not a good father..."

"But I tried my best to be one in the last remaining days of my life. I am sincerely sorry for all the things I've done wrong." The chairman sadly smiled. "Don't cry." He whispered and reached for his daughter's cheek. "Your mom and I will soon reconcile."

"You are a gift to us. I'm sorry if I wasn't able to make you feel wanted..." The chairman lastly spoke. Eventually his uneven breathing died down, eyes falling to a deep sleep, his warmth slowly turning cold and his heart finally stopped to give life to his whole system.

"Time of Death Three forty-six a.m."
Sana closed her eyes shut as she felt hot tears streaming down her face. Her father was gone. He fought against lung cancer for almost two years. Maybe it's truly her dad's time.

Sana could only wish that her father will be at peace like what he told her because she knew she forgave him a long time ago.

"What would life be worth if there were no death? Who would enjoy the sun if it never rained? Who would yearn for the day if there were no night?"

As a raven haired surgeon stood by a black and gold marbled grave all the memories of the past came rushing back to her head again. Her father's name was neatly engraved on the tomb, beside was a bouquet Chrysanthemums the chairman used to love. It was quite odd for Sana actually, because she believed the flower symbolizes friendship that was not even close to his father's character. The chairman was never friendly to anyone which meant friendship was not a thing for him.

It was his dad's days in the hospital when she learned about the flowers the old man loved. Well Sana was positive before that there were many things she never knew about her father. Why? Because in the first place the two of them despise each other. They can't even stand each other's presence.

But maybe that was before she learned about her father's illness. For almost two years her father battled with lung cancer. That was also the start of her realizations. Sana began to pay attention to her father even though there was a persistent feeling of resentment in her chest. She began to understand too that he is her only family and will always be her father even he never became one for her.

The remaining days of her father was like a blink of an eye. Those days were the days Sana was sure will never fade. She loves her father that's for sure. Even after all the things he had done.

"Dad." Sana mumbled. She sat in front of her father's grave and smiled genuinely. "I brought the flowers you always liked though you never told me the reason why you liked it." She chuckled lightly.

"Today is the second year of you being permanently gone but never forgotten...I actually miss you Dad." Sana tucked the loose strands of hair behind her ear. "I miss Mom too. I miss you both so much." In her hand was a picture of her Mother and Father. Sana became more independent and brave enough to face every trial of life when she lost her father. She managed to hold her ground and fight with all her might. Maybe at some point she felt alone, she felt betrayed, she felt like dying too. But at the end of the day she gained her composure again to stand tall.

"You okay Sana?" Seolhyun greeted her, appearing beside her.

"Yup Hyunnie, just in my own  little world." Sana laughed as she offered a seat to the cutest head nurse she knew. Seolhyun became one of her closest friend. She never left Sana's side even before Tzuyu left the surgeon.

"Stop crying! You'll ruin my master piece!" Seolhyun nudged Sana when she realized the surgeon was shedding tears AGAIN. "Look you ruined your make-up. You're  really  a cry baby Dr. Minatozaki!" She added.

The surgeon smiled and began to search for some tissue inside her bag. "I told you I'll be right back soon Hyunnie . Are you that hungry?" Sana retorted.

Seolhyun shook her head. "Nah. I just knew you need a shoulder at the moment. I am very aware you'll be in tears again. I guess I know you really well."

Sana wiped her tears away and faced her friend. "Do I look okay now?"

"Yep!" Seolhyun answered enthusiastically but stood once again. "Chairman..." "Your daughter here is doing great. She's the toughest woman I know, I'm sure you're very proud of her now." Seolhyun smiled and gestured to Sana that she'll be outside to wait for the surgeon.

"Well that's Seolhyun, Dad and Mom. You know her right? She's one of my best friend who never left my side. I'm thankful for her and for Taehyung. They are truly there friends indeed." Sana will be forever thankful she found Seolhyun, Jihyo and Tae. Though Tae was now her ex-husband and their marriage didn't workout right, she's happy they have a great friendship.

"So don't worry about me arasso? I'm okay, I will always be okay Mom and Dad but I will always miss you two. I love you both very much." Sana gently placed a quick kiss on her parents portrait before she placed it back again on top the marbled grave.

Maybe Death can not only mean sadness and grief, at some point it signifies piece, forgiveness and new beginnings.

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