Chapter 26

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"Did I hear it right? You'll break up with her?" The chairman amusedly asked.

Sana clutched her aching chest, glanced up at her father and nodded her head. "I will, just let her be. Stay away from her too Dad!" She finally voiced out.

The chairman clapped, smiled victoriously. "Good. Now stand up, I'll arrange the wedding you've ruined."

The surgeon slowly stood up, still crying her heart out. "Did you tell her?" She asked to her evil Dad.

She faced him once again. "Oh that! I did my dear, Im sorry. But its okay you'll break up with her right?" He teased then left Sana miserable.


Sana didn't know what to do. She feared facing Tzuyu. Guilt and sadness mixed up will never be a great combination.

Its been hours since her father left but here she is zooming out, staring at nowhere. There was no text or call from Tzuyu but she was sure the blonde was mad and hurt and she was so dumb for causing her pain.

A knock from her office door was heard. The door quacked open revealing Seolhyun. The head nurse smiled weakly at her asking for her permission to come in. Sana nodded and told her to seat in the vacant chair.

"I was just thinking if I could at least help you, I know you are not alright." Seolhyun muttered.

Sana shook her head and simply replied "Im okay." Without blinking her ferocious eyes.

"Really?" Seolhyun asked, unsure about her answer.

The surgeon fought hard for the incoming tears not to pour but she did not succeed. The tears cascaded from her sad and pained eyes. "I'm not." She whispered truthfully.

Seolhyun quickly hopped to be beside the surgeon. She hugged her "Let it out Sana, soon it will be okay."

"I'm afraid to lose her seolhyun . I can't but I need to." Sana cried.

The nurse hushed her "You're just doing what you thought was right Sana."

"But the best thing to do now is to talk to her Sana. Give her the explanation she needs, face her and if you'll lose her tonight face the reality. Who knew maybe someday if you two are really meant to be, destiny will do her own thing in reconnecting you both back together again." With that Seolhyun embraced Sana tight to let the surgeon know that she has a friend.


On the other hand, Tzuyu waited at the Minatozaki's mansion. She was in between mad and confused. Who can't be when the chairman barged at her house determined to wed her daughter with a certain man he wanted.

The chairman simply broke in her face that he doesn't want her for his daughter.

She remembered all the hateful comments Sana's father threw at her.

"What could you offer to my daughter?" The chairman asked as he roamed his eyes in Tzuyu's humble home. "I guess none Chou. I'm very sorry but you are not competent enough for Sana, you don't deserve my daughter, young lady." The chairman laughed. "She's an heiress and what are you? A mere intern."

At that moment Tzuyu felt small and humiliated in her own home. "She loves me and that is more than enough!"

The chairman shook his head, brought his hand to tap the blonde's shoulder "Believe me young lady love is not enough. These days power and wealth comes first. And Im sorry again to tell you this but you lack it both."

Sana's father handed Tzuyu an envelope "open it." He commanded.

The intern opened the envelope with shaking hands. "I'll give you the privilege to study abroad, just stay away from my daughter. She's arranged to be married with Dr. Tae."

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