Chapter 8

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Tzuyu did her rounds and was told to check the suicidal patient again. Walking to the said room, for some reason she wished that the patient was enlightened by her words last day.

When she arrived the patient is awake, staring at the ceiling, drown in his own thoughts.

Tzuyu knocked on the table near her to get the patient's attention. "Can I talk to you for a while sir?" She attempts.

The patient's gaze immediately fell to Tzuyu and nodded slightly. He also tried to sit but Tzuyu stopped him.

"I was just asked to check on you again." Tzuyu observed that his wrists will heal in no time and that the patient's vitals are normal now.

The intern doctor asked the patient's permission if she can change the worn out bandage in his wrists. When the patient said yes Tzuyu did her job.

Shortly, Tzuyu finished to change the bandage enveloping the wounded wrists. She told the patient that she's ready to go now and asked him if he didn't need anything else.

Tzuyu knew that the older one was hesitating asking her a favor. So she decided to step out of the room but was interrupted when the patient finally spoke.

"C-can you tell what's the name of the doctor who operated me?" He said stuttering.

"I just want to at-least thank him for saving my life." He farther added.

Tzuyu mindlessly smiled. "He's Dr. Yun, I will personally inform him."

The patient shyly thanked Tzuyu for the second time. The younger one told him how happy she is that the patient was able to grasp everything she said.


Tzuyu dropped by to Dr. Yun's office and personally asked the doctor to drop by at room 4A. Thankfully Dr. Yun obliged willingly, curious as a cat what changed the patient's mind.

After Talking, doctor Tzuyu excused herself politely to help her friends Hyunnie and Jihyo. The two nurses were doing an inventory of medical equipments and medicines. Since the doctor intern has finished doing her rounds it would be a great idea to help the nurses. A productive way to kill time she thought.

Arriving to the said room, Tzuyu amazingly stared at the high class, up to date medical equipments. The stocks of medicines in the hospital is surprisingly a lot.

"I volunteer to help Head Nurse Hyunnie." Tzuyu spoke.

Both Seolhyun and Jihyo turned to the young doctor. The two aware that today Emergency patients are few which means Nurses and hospital staffs are expected to do inventories and other hospital duties.

"Then move your ass now chewy, arrange the meds properly. I'm already starving." Hyunnie commanded.

Tzuyu laughed but did what was told. She found it interesting to arrange medicines and check expensive medical equipments that mostly seen on the net and in her surgery textbook.

In a moment Jihyo's phone beeped. The young nurse grabbed it and squilled in an instant after reading one of her colleague's message.

Tzuyu and Seolhyun were both startled by Jihyo sudden squelling.

"Omyghod guys! Did you hear it? The handsome doctor taking up his specialization is apparently assigned in our hospital!" Jihyo said excitedly.

Seolhyun and Tzuyu exchanged looks. They knew that 'handsome someone' can't interest the two of them. Because they are ostensibly into girls.

"Chincha? Should we come down now?" Hyunnie faked. She just terribly wants to eat and If that means accompanying Jihyo to see her handsome doctor then she would.

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