Chapter 22

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Tzuyu's  POV

"Mom! What were you thinking? You invited Sana to dinner? I'm not ready for this mom!" I whispered, completely in distress. Sana is right behind me excitedly smiling like a kid.

"Relax Tzuyu. What are you scared of? We are very happy for you." My mom replied.

"I know mom. But I'm also aware you and dad will spill hilarious things about me. I don't want Sana to be turned off mom, I swear."

My mom chuckled and pats my shoulder. She fished for our house key in her pockets and unlocked the main door. Afterwards she turned to us, specifically glanced at Sana.

"I'll be preparing our meal for a while. You two can go upstairs, to Tzuyu's  room." My mom muttered with a knowing smile.

I clicked my tongue, that's definitely not a good idea.

I faced Sana. "I guess we wait at our couch mom, right Nana?"

Sana looked confused, she shook her head. "I want to see your room." She replied.

My mom laughed which made me look back at her, whispering shut up.
I sighed and grab Sana's  hand. I was left with no choice but to let her in my room.

What am I afraid of by the way? She already said she loves me, I think that's enough. And by the way my baby pictures were very cute, she'll just fall in love more.

Stopping at my door I faced her. "Nana can you give me a couple of minutes? I'll just check my room." I awkwardly asked her.

The doctor smiled and nodded. She took the sleepy dog in my arms. "Go ahead, I'll be waiting." Sana began to brush gucci's fur making the dog snooze . This dog is definitely enjoying my girlfriends touch. Pshhh.

As I stepped inside my room, I  quickly collected candy wrappers and soda cans scattered everywhere. I picked up my used shirts hanging from my chair.

I glanced at the shelf and realized that it was very unorganized. I instantly arranged my science books then walked back to my bed to fold the comforter neatly.

For a second I stood in the middle of my room, thinking what else should I do. When I was satisfied I took a deep breath and shouted for Sana to hear that she can now come in.

"What took you so long? Gucci's  asleep." She said. Pertaining to the now sleeping dog.

"Nothing. Come here, put him down." I instructed her.

Sana lay Gucci on his little dog bed before she stood up again to wander around my room. She began to stare at the pictures hanging on the wall.

"So you can actually dance huh?" Sana teased. Looking at my dance trophy back when I was in high school. How could I forget to hide that thing somewhere in my closet.

"I don't dance, just ignore that one." I commented, jumping at my bed sprawling my legs comfortably.

The doctor continues to take a look on every stuff around my room, including my baby pictures album that I did not know exists up until now.

"Nana as much as I love you I'm afraid I'll hate you if you did open that album." I threatened her.

Sana apparently found my album. "You'll hate me? Really? I don't think so." The doctor replied smirking and dared to open the album.

Defeated, I heaved a sigh. "I am no much to you and I definitely can't hate you." I let my adorable cute girlfriend do what she wanted while I longingly watched her giggle every time she finds my picture when I was younger funny.

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